15 More Art Prints Added To The Whistling Elk Sale

More Art has been added to our Huge Art Sale at The Whistling Elk!

These pictures are available for FOR CURBSIDE PICK UP  ONLY.

If you want to purchase one call 908-334-0103


Picture Number Twenty Eight – European Canal Scene.

Measures 37″h x 31″w and is gorgeous in its detail and vibrant color. The frame is wood and a dark espresso with gold detail on inner edge.  Retail price $449 on Sale for $225.

Canal Scene
Canal Scene


Picture Number Twenty Nine – Learning the Alphabet.

This is a fun print for a child’s room!  It measures 30″h x 23″w and is framed in a simple grey frame.  Retail price is $199 Now on Sale for $99.

Learning to Count
Children’s Art


Picture Number Thirty – Key Trio One

Elegant set of antique keys all embellished with Swarovski crystals.   The frame is nicely detailed silver with a black wash over top.  The print measures 12″w x 14.5″h and retails for $149.  Now on sale for $75. SOLD



Picture Number Thirty One – Key Trio Two

Another set of antique keys embellished with Swarovski Crystals.  Frame is silver with black wash.  It measures 12″w x 14.5″h.  Retail is $149 Now on Sale for $75. SOLD

Key Trio Two


Picture Number Thirty Two – Key Trio Three

Antique keys studded with Swarovski Crystals…this one is a little smaller measuring at 10″ x 12″h.  Retail is $149 Now on Sale for $75.

key Trio Three


Picture Number Thirty Three – A Sweet Deer

Great for a child’s room this little deer is adorable!  Watercolor measures 25″h x 19″w and is framed in a light grey frame.  Retail $149 Now on Sale for $75.

A sweet Deer
Children’s Art – A Sweet Deer


Picture Number Thirty Four – Shabby Mirror

A shabby chic mirror measuring 38″h x 24″w.  Gold Accents.  Highly distressed.  Retail price $179 Now on Sale for $89.  SOLD

Shabby Chic Mirror
Distressed Mirror


Picture Number Thirty Five – Marche Fleurs!

This giclee is faux finished canvas (no glass) and measures 34.5″ square.  The frame is wood in a dark expresso/black with gold detailing on the inner edge.  Retail $315 Now on Sale $159.

marche fleur
Marche Fleur


Picture Number Thirty Six – Metal medallion

Great detailed Medallion finished in shabby white with a subtle shading slightly darker.  It measures 35″ in diameter.  Retail $149 Now on Sale for $75.  SOLD

metal medallion
Great Focal Piece – Metal Medallion


Picture Number Thirty Seven – Soft Green Mirror

Mirror with a beautiful green finish and gold accents.  It measures 36.5″h x 26.5″w.  Retail $375  Now on Sale for $189.

Green mirror
Mirror with a beautiful Green Finish


Picture Number Thirty Eight – Watercolor

Lovely watercolor print framed in silver leaf with a subtle beige/oatmeal matte.  Really pretty!  Measures 39″h x 29″w.   Retail $199 Now on Sale for $99.



Picture Number Thirty Nine – Princess

For your princess!  Print is studded with Swarovski Crystals and framed in a wood frame dark brown with gold accents.  It measures 16″ square.  Retail $119 Now on Sale for $59.



Picture Number Forty – French Floral

Floral with Swarovski Crystals inset under glass.  I love this frame – it’s wood with a champagne finish.  Lovely detail!  It measures 21″h x 18″w.  Retail is $215 Now on Sale for $105.

lovely yellow flowers
Yellow Flowers with Swarovski Crystals


Picture Number Forty One – Rushing Waters

Canvas giclee measuring 36.5″w x 48″h.  Love the serenity of this giclee.  Water flowing over rocks…rushing onward.  Simple gold frame simply disappears!  Retail $449 Now on Sale for $225.

The Creek
Rushing Water


Call 908 334 0103

if you would like to make a purchase for curbside pickup!

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