Paint Couture!™

the whistling elk painted furniture
painted occasional tables – Paint Couture™ paints and glazes

At THE WHISTLING ELK we sell  Paint Couture!™ products – including Paint, Glaze & Topcoats & metallic paints, embossing medium, brushes and more.


Paint Couture! a zero VOC, water-based acrylic paint, available in many colors.  It is a self priming, décor, furniture and cabinet paint.  Paint Couture! has a great adhesion capability to existing painted or varnished surfaces.  With Paint Couture! there is usually no sanding and no priming.  It is easy to apply, it is smooth and lays on very flat with little to no brush marks.  The dry finish look is a matt, almost chalky finish.  As it is an acrylic paint it becomes very hard and very durable.  A Glaze or Lacquer topcoat is recommended.  It comes in quarts, sample size or can be special ordered in a gallon size.  Clean up is easy with just soap and water.
paint couture fashion colors
Glaze Couture!™
Glaze Couture! is a very easy to use product; brush it on and wipe off.  A  water-based glaze.  For use over all chalk or milk paints and Paint Couture!  Provides an antique or metallic look very popular for cabinets and furniture.  Glaze Couture! is available in 10 colors and in pints.  The finish derived from a coat of Glaze Couture! enhances your work and there is so little work to apply Glaze Couture!  Clean up is easy with just soap and water.
The Whistling Elk Paint Workshops
Table Painted with Paint Couture and stenciled with center medallion
Clear and very durable topcoats. It is a very easy to use, water based product.  It may be applied directly on top of Paint Couture!, or it may be applied on top of Glaze Couture!  Dries very fast and produces a very hard surface area. There are several sheen levels available.   
There is little to NO odor with Lacquer Couture.
Paint Couture products are MADE IN THE U.S.A. 

3 thoughts on “Paint Couture!™

  1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and the kind comments! Like you, I have a profound appreciation for all of her amazing forms, colors, style, textures…so yes, it is not about the quality of the pics, but the passion in the work. Keep up your amazing blog and work!
    Kindest regards,

  2. You guys are killen me here…..I can’t seem to find this product in Canada! I live on the West Coast – Vancouver Island and love to glaze…… Help!

    1. Hi hazel. We have a distributor on the west coast… here’s a link. Can u access facebook? Search for House of Anne on facebook and contact her…when I get back to my computer/office tomorrow I will email u! It’s the best paint -love it

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