Showcase of Favorite Products

Lampe Berger

Love, Love, Love this product! and you will too!

Purify your air

Lampe Berger at The Whistling Elk in Chester NJ

Lampe Berger is a unique product for your home that

Purifies the Air

Truly Elmimates Odors

Gently Perfumes the Atmosphere

It is easy to use – Come in and ask us for a demonstration!


We have our Lampe Berger working in the shop every day – and that is WHY

the shop always smells amazing!

Lampe Berger makes a great gift for someone who has everything!  If you cook, or have pets – it will eliminate odor.  If you are trying to sell your house…tempt your buyers with a sweet smelling home!  (just a few  excuses to treat yourself)


 Kennebunk Weavers Throw Blankets

We have been selling Kennebunk blankets for 24 years!

Kennebunk blankets

Throw Blankets at The Whistling Elk in Chester NJ

They are beautiful, soft, warm, luxurious (and they drape beautifully).  They come in many styles and colors and the best part is that they are very reasonably priced.

They are made in the USA (ok that is the best part).  If you are buying it for yourself  and you live with other people…better get them one too because they will be constantly using yours!

Sloane Fine Tea Merchants

Sloane Tea is my newest favorite product.  This tea is mixed by a Tea Sommelier, Hoda Paripoush.  Her tea knowledge is further supplemented by professional studies in fragrance blending and perfumery in France.

The Whistling Elk Tea

Sloane Fine Tea Merchants
Chester NJ

I love the tea, I love the packaging and I love the story! I am importing this tea from Toronto!   Sloane Fine Teas will be something you love and it will also make fabulous gifts for your friends and associates!

Tea, Honey and happiness

Sloane Fine Tea Merchants at The Whistling Elk

Paint Couture!™

We like this product so much that we gave it its own page….so check it out!!!!

You can navigate over by clicking here.

Paint workshops

Paint Couture Products at The Whistling Elk in Chester NJ


That isn’t it….more to come soon!





1 Response to Showcase of Favorite Products

  1. Patricia Greenlaw says:

    Beautiful store, always a pleasure to visit.

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