Stayin’ Alive

The Whistling Elk celebrated 33 years of “Stayin’ Alive” on May 1st, 2023 having opened the doors in May of 1990!!!

Yeah, I look at it as “STAYIN’ ALIVE” hahaha 33 years – who knew?

It seems incredible to me that so much time has passed, so many things have changed over the years, so many businesses have come and gone, so many economic ups and downs, so many technology changes…remember no computers? remember Y2K, etc. I have so few pictures of the shop back in the beginning because there was no snapping a picture on your phone. Crazy, huh?

I have never deviated from The Whistling Elk’s original business plan which was to provide Home Decor & Accessories, Interior Design and Gifts based on Old World Elegance and Traditions. That’s right, I’ve seen the trends and the fads come and go and stayed away. Why? Because Old World Elegance, Sophistication and Tradition will never go out of style! Nope. It will be STAYIN’ ALIVE forever.

I can’t say I might not have been tempted a time or two….but nah….

Thirty-Three Years…Amazing!! I can’t even count how many happy customers I have had or how many clients I have provided Interior Design Services to — but of course it is all because of THEM and their love of Tradition, Elegance, European Old World Style, and the love of Color and Warmth in their homes.

The Whistling Elk has been recognized not once but twice as one of the 50 Best Home Furnishings Shops in the USA. I am still so very honored by this fact! I have designed rooms at 5 or 6 Designer Show Houses over the years…the most strenuous and challenging of those the Montclair Jr. Leaque Showhouse “Brookwood”.

I totally enjoyed traveling to SHOP High Point, North Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia (twice a year for over 30 years) and of course Paris, France. How much fun was that! So many adventures and stories!

I have seen so many business come and go and who knew that “STAYIN’ ALIVE” meant I would become one of the “oldest” businesses on Main Street? I am so Grateful to my loyal customers for this HONOR.

This year for the Anniversary Sale I am going to do something I have never done before! Thank you for Everything!


JUNE 2nd, 3rd and 4th

Don’t miss it – Get something Special!

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