The Whistling Elk Redesigns the Paris Boudoir

Pine Cone Hill Bedding and Bedford Cottage Throws
The Whistling Elk Paris Boudoir

Just rearranged our Paris Boudoir at The Whistling Elk. I changed the floorplan so that I had more room to showcase all the great merchandise that we are showcasing in this room…including our Pine Cone Hill Bedding and our Bedford Cottage Throw Blankets. This is something you should think about at home…changing the floorplan in a room can make the difference between hohum and spectacular. Everything in its right place!!!!

I also made a little more wall space available for our artwork. Loving this new set up!

It’s a Show Off…

and its not even finished yet…
Spent a few minutes working on the table today.
Filled in the center of the table with a design i made by using parts of 2 different stencils.
Mixed some Annie Sloan Old White with water and washed it over the whole table (originally black coated with old ochre) softening it, giving it dimension and a cloudly look. It’s ready now for the antiquing process which may happen today or tomorrow depending on how my day goes.
It’s hard now to believe that it started out black and even though its not finished it has really taken on a whole different character…
its soooo pretty and dainty now – hard to believe its the same piece!

It’s just amazing what you can do with paint and a little imagination. Is Painting in your design plan?

Stenciled Table Top is Shaping Up Nicely

chester, nj
painted table at the Whistling Elk

Just finished stenciling this tabletop…yep, used a ceiling medallion and made it fit by using only certain parts of it.
In the picture it doesnt look centered but it is and i have the perfect stencil rosette (at home) to put in the middle.
Its going to be fantastic! I can hardly wait to work on it again tomorrow – soon it will look like an antique table.