It’s Snuggle Time at The Whistling Elk

Chester NJ
The Whistling Elk, Chester NJ for Beautiful and well priced bedding!

It’s getting to be that time of year when you want to snuggle in your bed!

I don’t know about you but there is something about this beautiful bedding that makes a bedroom soothing and peaceful…just what you want where you are going to sleep!

Bedding is an essential design element for the perfect bedroom.  In the Paris Boudoir at The Whistling Elk we have created that peaceful yet elegant look with our bedding.

Our cotton organdy embroidered drapes in the background add another dimension to the whole picture!  And of course a pretty crystal chandelier completes the picture!

bedding at the whistling elk
Just added another duvet to the bed…the ivory with the ruffle – one of my personal favorites…so pretty

When I snapped the first picture I was thinking the bed was finished…but decided to add another duvet…the ivory  with the ruffles at the foot of the bed…

Come in to The Whistling Elk and design your own bed.  The bedding is very well priced and you can create your own luxurious haven of comfort by layering the looks that work for you!

Our new bedding is so pretty….don’t you just want to jump into the middle and have a little nap?

So Lovely!

Choosing Window Treatments can be a Daunting Experience

Choosing Window Treatments can be a Daunting Experience

At The Whistling Elk  we can provide you with beautiful custom window treatments BUT if you just don’t want to make what is sometimes a huge investment…Ready-Made Drapes can be a real life saver

The Whistling Elk
Linen Drapes on Sale at The Whistling Elk in Chester NJ

Currently two different styles of 100% Linen Ready-Made Drapes are on Sale so take 20% off the below listed prices!

Style No. 1 is an unlined 100% linen drape which presents as a gauzy/sheer texture…like air.  They drape beautifully and will frame out a window nicely at minimum expense:

$75 per each 96″ panel

$99 per each 108″ panel


Chester NJ
The Whistling Elk has beautiful draperies!

The colors are soft and earthy:  Ivory, Natural,  Light Brown, Wheat, Antique Gold

Style No. 2 is a lined 100% linen drape which drapes beautifully and is a heavier linen drape that offers more privacy.

$135 per each 96″ panel

$149 per 108″ panel

chester nj
100% Linen Drapes at The Whistling Elk

The colors are Ivory, Natural, Wheat, Brick, Blue (light/icey), Antique Gold, Light Brown, Chocolate, Almond

All drapes have 4″ rod pocket, 2″ header and back tabs.

We have color swatches at the shop so come in and shop for the colors that work in your room!  Drapes do make an incredible design statement in a room and you will love the look you can achieve for very little investment!

The Whistling Elk
Airy Linen Drapes