Lollia Fragrances Elegantly Displayed at The Whistling Elk

We have a nice collection of LoLLia products at The Whistling Elk.

LoLLia is beautifully packaged so it adds an elegant touch to the décor of your dressing room or bathroom.
My favorite is the Wander…its a soft fragrance and I just love rubbing a little of the hand crème on the back of my hand and sniffing it!  So nice!

The Whistling Elk stocks Lollia personal products
The Whistling Elk stocks Lollia personal products

I also love the Wander Perfumed Bath Oil…it is amazing. It leaves your skin soft and fragrant and no small matter it leaves your tub clean! That’s a wonderful bonus!

Of course our best seller is still the Relax…

Lollia Relax fragrance is a combination of Lavendar and Honey
Lollia Relax fragrance is a combination of Lavendar and Honey

Which fragrance is your favorite?

There’s More Ways Than One to Skin a Ceiling Medallion

The Whistling Elk uses Paint Couture!™
Ceiling Medallion makes a great centerpiece for a table

I just finished stenciling and distressing this table top…its painted with Paint Couture!™ Baltic Black and stenciled with Paint Couture Pale Gold – one of their fabulous accessory metallic paints.   After I took this photo I glazed the whole table with Glaze Couture!™ Black Walnut (my favorite!).   I plan on putting the Lacquer Couture!™ over the table on Monday.  Wow, there are sure a lot of “coutures” in here…but what do you expect when you are painting pieces that are fashionable and elegant!

The Whistling Elk offers Paint Workshops
Paint Couture!™ Paints Glazes and Topcoats make furniture painting easy and fun and results in elegance

I used a ceiling medallion to create my design and then used parts of the medallion to fill in the center and bring the design out on to the leaves of this drop leaf table.  I always sand thru my stencils to rough them up and make them look a little uneven because I want an aged effect.  Wait till you see how it looks glazed…ooh la la!

When I finish I will post the elegant finished product…

We carry all the Paint Couture! products at The Whistling Elk and offer Paint Workshops so you can DO IT YOURSELF…if you imagine it you can paint it!

Desk ? Vanity ? Identity Crisis makes for elegant, sleek design

This amazing piece of furniture arrived on Friday. 

desk with french leg
Note to Self Desk...or Vanity

It came along with the sofa that i recently blogged about…you know the one i waited all day for…that was so late in arriving…

I was so excited about the sofa that I didn’t unpack the desk right away. 

 Yesterday we brought it up to the shop floor of  The Whistling Elk  and put it together.  It’s gorgeous. 

Desk with french leg
Vanity or Desk elegant and sleek

Top down…its a beautiful desk…

Raise the top and voila its an amazing vanity with a beveled mirror!

No real identity crisis here – just imaginative design. 

The legs are metal with a silver finish that looks fabulous – sleek and elegant satin finish French legs.  OOh la la!

The entire top is ivory with a patterned art finish in a soft gray which resembles wallpaper.

Gray patterned vanity or desk
Vanity / Desk with slide out shelves on sides

 Originally I was thinking this piece would be placed somewhere in  Little Paris as it looks very French and very sophisticated

but it’s going to look amazing anywhere in the shop or in your home for that matter! 

When  I purchased this piece of furniture I must have been in  a hurry or something because i didn’t realize that the middle section of the top was hinged

 and raised upward to reveal a beveled mirror…creating a vanity.  I must be slipping…I did order it from a catalog picture — something that i RARELY do. 

 But all’s well when its a happy  and beautiful surprise.

Desk top seen from the back

The name of this desk/vanity is Note to Self….how appropriate!

Patterned Desk Top
Wallpaper Pattern on top of vanity

What a beautiful and clever design which will elevate the décor in any room.

Accessories on Desk Top
Note to Self Desk Vanity