The need to be outdoors…

it was such a beautiful day on Tuesday i felt i had to get outside….  I had Wednesday off so i started thinking about projects i could do outside and decided to paint my adirondack chairs….they are a mess – so i’m going to give them a new life.  There is no question that they need some love…right now they are looking very sad in their very shabby paint – been out in the weather a bit too long.

Originally they were faux painted to sit beside a swimming pool surrounded by beautiful gardens in the back yard of a Showhouse that I worked on with a local landscaper…..that was ages ago!  I had my mom paint them a light blue reminiscent of the water with faux rhododendrums and morning glories on the backs.  They were so pretty.   Just look at them now!

Well, i just happen to have some paint left over from Little Paris….I am going to scrape these chairs up a bit and then apply the paint.  I am going to try to save the rhododendrums…we’ll see about that.

Voila!  They are beautiful again!

The devil in the details!

I’m still painting!

Yes, the devil is in the details…but if you want perfection – ya gotta go for it!

Had my mom cut me a few stencils from architectural pictures i collected…then used parts of them randomly.

Here’s the beginning of the faux iron staircase railings!

Just finished drawing this in today and will start painting on it tomorrow!

Happy Fourth!