There’s More Ways Than One to Skin a Ceiling Medallion

The Whistling Elk uses Paint Couture!™
Ceiling Medallion makes a great centerpiece for a table

I just finished stenciling and distressing this table top…its painted with Paint Couture!™ Baltic Black and stenciled with Paint Couture Pale Gold – one of their fabulous accessory metallic paints.   After I took this photo I glazed the whole table with Glaze Couture!™ Black Walnut (my favorite!).   I plan on putting the Lacquer Couture!™ over the table on Monday.  Wow, there are sure a lot of “coutures” in here…but what do you expect when you are painting pieces that are fashionable and elegant!

The Whistling Elk offers Paint Workshops
Paint Couture!™ Paints Glazes and Topcoats make furniture painting easy and fun and results in elegance

I used a ceiling medallion to create my design and then used parts of the medallion to fill in the center and bring the design out on to the leaves of this drop leaf table.  I always sand thru my stencils to rough them up and make them look a little uneven because I want an aged effect.  Wait till you see how it looks glazed…ooh la la!

When I finish I will post the elegant finished product…

We carry all the Paint Couture! products at The Whistling Elk and offer Paint Workshops so you can DO IT YOURSELF…if you imagine it you can paint it!

Fun with Paint Couture!™ See Paint Couture! Elevate Your Furniture & Cabinets to a New Level of Elegance

I just got back from Charlotte where I attended a fabulous Paint Workshop at Great Walls Supply…

Thank you so much Mike and Micki for making the Paint Couture! ™ line available to all of us who love to paint furniture and cabinets!

The Whistling Elk Painted Furniture Workshops
Paint Couture!™ Paint, Glaze, Topcoat & Stencils

The Paint Couture! is wonderful but it doesn’t stop there.  The Glaze Couture! is amazing and offers us sooooo many possibilities for creativity and reinventing color!  Nope that’s not it either…the Finish Couture! and Lacquer Couture! are just the best for protecting your painted furniture and cabinets.  Did I say CABINETS?  Why yes, I did!

Paint Couture at The Whistling Elk in Chester NJ
Paint Couture!™ on Cabinets – Ohh la la!

There’s still more…Accessories!  Loving the Brilliant White and the Gold Accent Paints, the Embossing Medium and the brushes and all of the brand new products that will be available shortly.  Oh I am just in heaven!  Ohhh la la I forgot the stencils!

Now that I am home I can’t wait for my next shipment.  I have three Paint Workshops scheduled for next week and the phone has been ringing off the hook for that past two days – its as if they were just waiting for me to get back and schedule some new classes…surely no one will be disappointed either as I have planned four more classes for November!

All the Paint Couture!™ products are available in my shop The Whistling Elk – or check them out on line at – you will not be disappointed.  You WILL be painting everything you can get your hands on!!!!

It sure was a lot of fun to hang around with a bunch of very creative painters and play with some dazzling new products.   Looking forward to the next one!