2020 Retail Stars Home Accents Today

I am so excited and honored to have received this award for 2020

and for the 2nd time no less!

Read about the 2020 Retail Stars chosen by Home Accents Today 


The article gives some background on the list of  50 finalists and some brief descriptions of each business. 


The finalists come from across the United States…

although the only one from New Jersey is The Whistling Elk!


I am on cloud nine right now! 


The Whistling Elk – A 2020 Retail Star!

Home Accents Today

Elegant Furnishings

The Whistling Elk has been named one of the 50 best

home furnishings retailers in the country for 2020!!! 

This is such a wonderful honor especially in the current business environment!


15 More Art Prints Added To The Whistling Elk Sale

More Art has been added to our Huge Art Sale at The Whistling Elk!

These pictures are available for FOR CURBSIDE PICK UP  ONLY.

If you want to purchase one call 908-334-0103


Picture Number Twenty Eight – European Canal Scene.

Measures 37″h x 31″w and is gorgeous in its detail and vibrant color. The frame is wood and a dark espresso with gold detail on inner edge.  Retail price $449 on Sale for $225.

Canal Scene
Canal Scene


Picture Number Twenty Nine – Learning the Alphabet.

This is a fun print for a child’s room!  It measures 30″h x 23″w and is framed in a simple grey frame.  Retail price is $199 Now on Sale for $99.

Learning to Count
Children’s Art


Picture Number Thirty – Key Trio One

Elegant set of antique keys all embellished with Swarovski crystals.   The frame is nicely detailed silver with a black wash over top.  The print measures 12″w x 14.5″h and retails for $149.  Now on sale for $75. SOLD



Picture Number Thirty One – Key Trio Two

Another set of antique keys embellished with Swarovski Crystals.  Frame is silver with black wash.  It measures 12″w x 14.5″h.  Retail is $149 Now on Sale for $75. SOLD

Key Trio Two


Picture Number Thirty Two – Key Trio Three

Antique keys studded with Swarovski Crystals…this one is a little smaller measuring at 10″ x 12″h.  Retail is $149 Now on Sale for $75.

key Trio Three


Picture Number Thirty Three – A Sweet Deer

Great for a child’s room this little deer is adorable!  Watercolor measures 25″h x 19″w and is framed in a light grey frame.  Retail $149 Now on Sale for $75.

A sweet Deer
Children’s Art – A Sweet Deer


Picture Number Thirty Four – Shabby Mirror

A shabby chic mirror measuring 38″h x 24″w.  Gold Accents.  Highly distressed.  Retail price $179 Now on Sale for $89.  SOLD

Shabby Chic Mirror
Distressed Mirror


Picture Number Thirty Five – Marche Fleurs!

This giclee is faux finished canvas (no glass) and measures 34.5″ square.  The frame is wood in a dark expresso/black with gold detailing on the inner edge.  Retail $315 Now on Sale $159.

marche fleur
Marche Fleur


Picture Number Thirty Six – Metal medallion

Great detailed Medallion finished in shabby white with a subtle shading slightly darker.  It measures 35″ in diameter.  Retail $149 Now on Sale for $75.  SOLD

metal medallion
Great Focal Piece – Metal Medallion


Picture Number Thirty Seven – Soft Green Mirror

Mirror with a beautiful green finish and gold accents.  It measures 36.5″h x 26.5″w.  Retail $375  Now on Sale for $189.

Green mirror
Mirror with a beautiful Green Finish


Picture Number Thirty Eight – Watercolor

Lovely watercolor print framed in silver leaf with a subtle beige/oatmeal matte.  Really pretty!  Measures 39″h x 29″w.   Retail $199 Now on Sale for $99.



Picture Number Thirty Nine – Princess

For your princess!  Print is studded with Swarovski Crystals and framed in a wood frame dark brown with gold accents.  It measures 16″ square.  Retail $119 Now on Sale for $59.



Picture Number Forty – French Floral

Floral with Swarovski Crystals inset under glass.  I love this frame – it’s wood with a champagne finish.  Lovely detail!  It measures 21″h x 18″w.  Retail is $215 Now on Sale for $105.

lovely yellow flowers
Yellow Flowers with Swarovski Crystals


Picture Number Forty One – Rushing Waters

Canvas giclee measuring 36.5″w x 48″h.  Love the serenity of this giclee.  Water flowing over rocks…rushing onward.  Simple gold frame simply disappears!  Retail $449 Now on Sale for $225.

The Creek
Rushing Water


Call 908 334 0103

if you would like to make a purchase for curbside pickup!

The Art Sale at The Whistling Elk Continues!

Some new Art has been added to our Huge Art Sale at The Whistling Elk!

These pictures are available for FOR CURBSIDE PICK UP  ONLY.

If you want to purchase one call 908-334-0103

Picture Number Sixteen:  Lewis Carroll Quote

Another of our pieces that has a definite antique quality….black frame with faint gold detailing on the edge.  The paper has been aged for that antique look framed size 18 x 22″.  Quote by Lewis Carroll.  Price $149 NOW ON SALE FOR $75.

The Whistling Elk, Chester NJ
Lewis Carroll Quote


Picture Number Seventeen:  Colorful Abstract Floral

This colorful still life floral is a canvas transfer.  It measures 30 wide x 24″ long. 

Price is $210.  NOW ON SALE FOR $99.

still life
Still Life Floral Canvas Transfer


Picture Number Eighteen & Number Nineteen:  Oversize Botanicals I (picture number 18) & II (picture number 19)

These striking botanicals (there are 2 priced individually) are a definite statement maker whether you use them together or alone!  They are framed in a simple black frame.  Overall measurements are 24″ wide x 33″ long. Price is $159 each.  NOW ON SALE FOR $75 EACH. BOTH SOLD

Botanical I Framed in Black


botanical print
Botanical II Framed in Black


Picture Number Twenty:  Italian Waterfront with Rowboats

This canvas transfer is so vibrant!  It measures 30″wide x 22″ long. 

Price is $299.  NOW ON SALE FOR $145.

italian waterfront print
Italian Waterfront print with Rowboats


Picture Number Twenty-One:  Italian Waterfront with Sailboats

This canvas transfer is beautiful and the water is absolutely beautiful.  It measures 30″ wide x 22″ long.  Price is $299  NOW ON SALE FOR $145.

italian waterfront print
Italian Waterfront with Sailboats on Moorings


Picture Number Twenty Two & Twenty Three:  Roses I (#22) and Roses II (#23)

French writing overlaid with beautiful roses.  It’s matted and has a gold beaded filet and liner.  The frame is wood with a delicate gold detailing on the inner edge.  The piece measures 26″ square.  Price is $389.  NOW ON SALE FOR $189.

Roses I
Roses I print under glass with filet


Roses II
Roses overlaid on French Writing print


Picture Number 24:  Chandelier/Ceiling Study

This elegant print is studded with Swarovski crystals!  It’s very striking!  The frame is wood with a beautifully detailed carved frame and an antiqued silver finish with a black wash.  It measures 31″ square.  Price is $415.  NOW ON SALE FOR $199. SOLD

Ceiling Study Chandelier
Chandelier/Ceiling Study with Swarovski Crystals


Picture Number Twenty Five:  Tavern Print Horse/Hare

This is a great piece for the tavern, wine cellar or bar area. Very whimsical!  It measures 13″ wide x 16″ long.  Price $125  NOW ON SALE FOR $59.

tavern print
Taven Print at The Whistling Elk


Picture Number Twenty Six A, B, C, D, E, F:  ShabbyChic Botanicals

This set of floral study prints are an homage to soft, sweet lavender. A monochromatic masterpiece. Finished off in simple white frames, this set makes a great addition to kitchen, living or bathroom.  Price for each is $89.  NOW ON SALE FOR $40 EACH – Note for  individual buys choose A, B, C, D, E or F.  IF YOU PURCHASE ALL 6 THE PRICE BECOMES $35 EACH.

shabbychic prints
Botanical prints Shabby Chic


Picture Number Twenty Seven: Lady in Black

This elegant giclee measures 34″ wide x 46″ long.  It is faux finished (no glass) and framed in a gorgeous wood frame with a little gold detailing.  The frame is a dark espresso with some barely discernable/faint antique gold highlights and a thin antique gold line on the inner edge of the frame.  A statement piece – perfect for the Dining Room, Living Room or Foyer.  Price is $599.  NOW ON SALE FOR $289.

lady in black
Lady in Black Giclee framed in Gorgeous Frame


Call 908 334 0103 if you are interested in purchasing a picture for curbside pick up.



Art Sale at The Whistling Elk

We are having a huge Art Sale at The Whistling Elk!

These pictures are available from 11 am to 3 pm FOR CURBSIDE PICK UP  SATURDAY or SUNDAY APRIL 18th or 19th ONLY.

If you want to purchase one for curbside pick up on these days

call 908-334-0103 to make your purchase.

Picture Number One:  TEA PARTY.

This is a giclee print (no glass faux finish), measures 19″ long x 23″ wide and is framed in a beautiful gold wood frame. The price is $215 ON SALE NOW FOR $105. SOLD

Tea Party Giclee at The Whistling Elk, Chester NJ


Picture Number Two:  WINE BOTTLES

This is a giclee print (no glass, faux finish), measures 29 x 29, framed in a dark ebony with gold accents frame.  The price is $329 NOW ON SALE FOR $159.

Wine labels
Wine Bottles with Gorgeous Labels at The Whistling Elk, Chester NJ


Picture Number Three: QUOTE BY ANONYMOUS

This Anonymous Quote is framed in Black with a faint gold accent.  The paper has been antiqued.  Overall it measures 18 wide x 22 long.  Simple and lovely. Price $149 NOW ON SALE FOR $75.

anonymous quote
Anonymous Quote at The Whistling Elk in Chester NJ


Pictures Number Four:  ROCOCO and Number Five: ANTIQUITES

This print under glass is studded with amber Swarovski crystals.  It is very elegant and Striking and has a mate which is labelled Antiquites.  Both are framed in a beautiful antique gold carved wood frame measuring 28 wide x 36 long.  The background of the print is black and gold.  Gorgeous and rich!  Price each $499 ON SALE NOW FOR $245 EACH.

chester nj
“Rococo” print at The Whistling Elk


Antiquites at The Whistling Elk in Chester NJ


Picture Number Six:  RED BARN IN FIELD

This faux finished giclee print (no glass) is framed in a barnwood frame with a faint gold detail on the inner edge.  It measures 26.5″ long x 20.5″ wide.  Price $389 NOW ON SALE FOR $189.

The Whistling Elk – Red Barn in Field



This faux finished giclee print (no glass) is framed in a barnwood frame with a faint gold detail on the inner edge.  It measures 22.5″ Long x 26.5″ wide.  Price $389 NOW ON SALE FOR $189.

White and Red Barns in Field Giclee



This faux finished giclee print (no glass) is framed in a barnwood frame with a faint gold detail on the inner edge.  It measures 22.5″ Long x 26.5″ wide.  Price $389 NOW ON SALE FOR $189. SOLD

Barn print
Old White Barn with Red Roof in Field



This faux finished giclee print (no glass) is framed in a barnwood frame with a faint gold detail on the inner edge.  It measures 26.5″ long x 20.5″ wide.  Price $389 NOW ON SALE FOR $189.

old barn
Old Red Barn with Side Building Giclee



Love the wild English garden in this Country House faux finished giclee (no glass).  It measures 23″ long x 26.5″ wide.  The frame is old barnwood.  Price $389 NOW ON SALE FOR $195. SOLD

english country house
English Country House and Garden

Picture Number Eleven:  PLAYFUL FRIENDS

This print under glass measures 19″ wide x 25″ long perfect for the young child’s room.  Price $149 NOW ON SALE FOR $75.SOLD

Playful Elephant, zebra, monkey and parrot.


Picture Number Twelve:  RED DOG

I call this Red Dog…because i love the vibrant background!  It is a canvas transfer measuring 14 x 10 wide.  The Price is $79 NOW ON SALE FOR $39.

Canvas Transfer of Boxer on Red Background.


Picture Number Thirteen:  Two Love Bunnies

This is a canvas transfer measuring 10 x 10″.  The Price $65 NOW ON SALE FOR $32.

Two Love Bunnies at The Whistling Elk


Picture Number Fourteen:  Daisy Dog

This is a canvas transfer measuring 10 x 10″.  Price $65 NOW ON SALE FOR $32.

daisy dog
Daisy Dog print at The Whistling Elk, Chester NJ


Picture Number Fifteen:  Bunny with Hyacinth

This is a canvas transfer measuring 10 x 10″.  Price $65 NOW ON SALE FOR $32.

bunny with hyacinth
Bunny with Hyacinth canvas transfer

Plus and Minus

I put together a list this morning of projects that need doing.

I filled an entire sheet.

I posted it and every time I walk by it I think of something else to add.  There are some plusses to being stuck at home. 

Some of the things on the list have been on the back burner for months and perhaps years!

I have decided to make sure that I pick something on that list to complete every day…with that in mind I literally could stay home for a quite a while.

Well, that will take care of some of the time I have on my hands…

I have already discovered this morning that my mind is still creative and fertile…teeming with ideas…mostly how to improve and take my business to the next level…new things I want to do, plans I want to put into action.

It’s almost scary.  Maybe, just maybe, that is why when this is over our economy is going to go nuts….we will all have this pent up creativity and desire to go full steam ahead.

Some things with regard to my business I have already implemented in this new free time I have found myself blessed with.

Minuses, of course, we all know.  We miss each other, we’re a little scared and we can’t wait for it to be behind us.  And, it’s hard stop from eating! 😉

Stay safe, my friends.

Barbara Collins, The Whistling Elk


In Times of Stress It’s Good to Have Something You Enjoy Doing

It’s a stressful world right now.

I am always glad that there are certain activities that

keep me busy when stress is in the air…

Wall painting
Faux Painted Wall at The Whistling Elk

pretty black table
Little Black Table at The Whistling Elk

Painting is one such enjoyable and therapeutic activity.

What is Yours?

Vintage Style Art Joins the Line Up at The Whistling Elk in Chester, NJ

We have a new vintage style art line at The Whistling Elk!

vintage prints
Vintage prints at the Whistling Elk

A whimsical and fun art line has joined our other great wall decor lines! 

The Whistling Elk Chester NJ
Vintage prints at The Whistling Elk are fun and whimsical!

The initial shipment has arrived with about 20 pieces of art but there is so much more to come!

the mad hatter
There are many other great quotes all framed beautifully!

  This line has a very vintage flavor and it is great for children and of course adults!

The Whistling Elk in Chester NJ has a new shipment of artwork.

Another favorite…

horses and saddles
Love these prints!

Come check it out…it’s definitely worth a giggle 🙂

children's artwork
The Whistling Elk has great art for Children’s rooms!

And don’t forget, our Artwork is always 20% off…every day!


The Changing Winds of Design

There is really nothing like a beautiful Traditional

room design.

 Warm. Cozy. Timeless.

I can’t imagine anything better than that.

Amazing family room by Alexa Hampton Inc. Love the use of Color!!

Designers who create rooms incorporating Traditional looks with a few clean modern accents or maybe some wonderful vintage or antique pieces take my breath away and make my heart beat.  Beautiful design can always do that to me.

Obviously color is a major factor in the design of the warm, cozy Traditional room.  Although I enjoyed the greys and accompanying pale palette that has been trending...it is cold…Brrrh!  So I am not so sad to see it trending down and away.

What do you think?  Are you ready to move on to some great color and tradition?  or will you be trying to hold on to the cooler palettes?

Once change starts on the wholesale level you will start finding less and less of the outgoing trends and colors.  It takes a little time to transition and longer still for the retail customer to embrace the next trend.

Often customers will look for decorative accessories and accents in colors that have recently passed  out of favor and they become extremely hard to find…sadly I’m sure that on occasion you have experienced this.

When the market starts to transition it is always wise to finish a room before accents become more scarce.

Taken from designer Michael Smith’s book “The Curated House: Creating Style, Beauty and Balance”.

 Personally, I am wholeheartedly embracing the return of color!


Maison Berger New Introductions at TheWhistling Elk

One of our favorite products at The Whistling Elk is Maison Berger.  Did you know that we have been selling this fabulous line for almost 20 years and that we have the largest selection of Maison Berger products in New Jersey?

home decor
Lampe Berger Paris

Maison Berger is an air purifier and it works!  It will eliminate bacteria in the air and perfume your home like no other product.  It’s easy to use and the results will impress you!

Maison Berger has many new lampes this year and many new scents.  One of my favorites is the new Pure White Tea.  It’s delicious!

The Whistling Elk Chester NJ
Maison Berger “Pure White Tea” one of the newest scents!

The new “Eclipse” lampe comes in 2 colors and both are packed as gift sets so you get a 180 ml of free scent with the lampe!

air purifier
Maison Berger at The Whistling Elk in Chester NJ

Maison Berger has also introduced Car Diffusers!  They are sleek and attractive, fit to the vents in your car and purify the air!

Many scents are available!

Scent diffuser for the car
Maison Berger for your Car!

You will find these at The Whistling Elk also!

2017 is Fast Drawing to a Close!

As 2017 draws to a close, I would just like to say how grateful I am for all the wonderful customers who frequent my shop!

It has been another wonderful year!  And I am enthusiastically awaiting the beginning of my 28th year here in beautiful Chester NJ…in another couple of weeks I will be heading to Atlanta to shop for  merchandise for 2018!

I will be forever grateful that I chose Chester to be the home for my collection of casually elegant home furnishings and accessories….

home furnishings

Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season!





Sometimes You Just Need a Flying Pig…

I have been awaiting this particular art shipment for over two weeks.  It was on the road for almost a month….which is very scary…But it is all perfect! 

So very happy it’s here!

Right now it is leaning just about everywhere in the shop!

home decorThere is so much beauty here…landscapes, geometrics, bath prints, amazing fleur de lis wall sculptures, florals, still lifes and more.

home decor at the whistling elk in chester nj
florals and damask patterned prints

home decor
gorgeous chandelier print

chester nj
art at the whistling elk

home decor

home decor
fleur de lis

A Flying Pig even came along with this order….he has an amazing Swarovski crystal crown too!

He is nestled in behind the embellished candlestick below…

so cute!

home decor
Flying Pig

The Whistling Elk is Sponsoring a Lampe Berger Special for Mother’s Day

It’s a perfect time to try a Lampe Berger at The Whistling Elk!

We have lots of beautiful lampes to choose from and when you purchase one you can get a tripack of 3 fragrances for 50% off!

The Whistling Elk
Lampe Berger Tripack – Warm Scents

There are two different tripacks to choose from … one has fresh scents:  Fresh Linen, Lemonflower and the international best selling fragrance Ocean Breeze!

The other tripack  includes New Orleans (one of our best sellers), Orange Cinnamon and Vanilla Gourmet!

Get yours while supplies last.

Chester NJ
Lampe Berger at The Whistling Elk


The Whistling Elk 2017 Another Year Another Fresh Start!

Wow, I guess moving really did affect me!  I just realized that I have not posted to the blog in over 5 months!  Oh My!  But life at The Whistling Elk continues…

The Fall and Christmas season has passed…I made my annual January trip to Atlanta to buy goods for 2017…and have already received several shipments from those orders placed in January…

As always it is so exciting to receive new goods.  Always a fresh start and a new perspective!  And this year will not disappoint.  So, come and visit The Whistling Elk soon because we are already showing new pretty stuff!!

Here’s a little preview:

chester nj shopping
Leather Chairs and an ottoman! Really handsome!

shopping in chester nj
Just plain pretty Mirrors…we have about 4 different styles…all beautifully finished and distressed!

lollia at the whistling elk
Lollia for your sweetheart…some new scents too!

the whistling elk, chester nj
Beautiful spring flowers – just in case you get spring fever!

Moving Can Put You in a Funk

Well, I sold my home and moved to a new one.  That is a pretty short sentence but it says a lot and the whole process put me in a funk….so much work!  I feel like I fell asleep in March and woke up in August…sigh…

But I am done with that…The Moving Funk is over NOW!

I love my new home, it’s relatively “put together”…at least as much as I plan to do until I live there a little and see what is what.  Meanwhile the shop waits for no man….and fall is coming!  That means that lots of trucks are rolling in with all kinds of  great merchandise and the shop is brimming with wonderful pieces.

Art arrived yesterday, lots of it!  Here’s a little sneak peak…

the whistling elk

chester nj

the whistling elk

chester nj

the whistling elk
lots of great bath pieces!

Last week my fall clothing line arrived and it is spectacular! Lots of great fabrics and styles and lots more leggings this year!

the whistling elk chester nj
Lots of fabrics! Scarves, ponchos, sweaters, vests, tunics, and lots and lots of leggings!

Our Lampe Berger is STOCKED…and there are many new gift sets at great values and some beautiful new lampes!

home decor
Lampe Berger Paris

People are always asking me “Does your Home look like this”

…They ask this when they are standing in my shop amidst the furniture and home accessories that are displayed in The Whistling Elk.

I usually just shrug off this question because I have never really thought much about it – until recently…you see I just sold my home.  A short few words but a lot of meaning!

Taking stock and packing I realized just how consistent I really am…there is a resemblance in that I really love to be surrounded by beauty.  I guess if I am one thing…that is…Consistent !!

I have lived in my home for 28 years…it feels like a part of me.  It always felt good just to be there.  Over the years I have brought home pieces that I loved and integrated them into the mix.  Some things came and went while others I cannot imagine parting with ever.

The Whistling Elk
Living Room


My list of belongings reads like a list of the companies that I have done business with over the years in the shop.

I have a J.M. Paquet sofa…they are out of business now being one of the ones to go early in 2008.  but the sofa lives on and when the time comes I will have it reslipcovered yet again.  Its so comfortable and I still love it so it will go with me to my new home.

My Habersham buffet is another piece that I love.  It makes me happy every time I just look at it.  It houses my grandmothers dishes which will be going to my niece for safekeeping.  The buffet though goes with me.  The savonnerie carpet is from Feizy…and it was chosen because…well, I just fell in love with it.

I love this room and have spent many, many hours here!  The mantel I bought when a 1890’s home in New Brunswick was demolished.  It was a wreck all chipping and dirty.  I took my hand sander and sanded all the dirt and loose paint off and then had it attached to the wall.

Since I have always wanted to live in an old fieldstone house I mimicked that with the faux painted fieldstone wall on which that mantel is mounted.  I loved this look and am sorry to leave it behind.  I guess I will have to paint a new wall!

The Whistling Elk
1890’s mantel

Another favorite room is the Master Bedroom…and Master Bath off of it…

I purchased a really crummy pair of shutters and nailed them to the wall on either side of a large window and it created just the right look to go with the Dutch Caribbean bed.  I cannot remember the name of the company that this bed came from but it is solid hand carved mahogany.

The Whistling Elk
Another Favorite Room

The beautiful painted lingerie chest fit just perfectly in the corner of the room…it’s shape is what makes it special.  It’s rounded across the front.  It came from RH Home…they were a California company which is also gone.  Sadly.

The walls I faux painted to resemble my take on old crumbling Italian walls…and you can’t  see it in the picture but on the wall at the foot of the bed is a huge 5 foot x 4 foot picture of a hotel on Lake Como Italy which I have to say I loved waking up and seeing every morning.  Perfect way to start the day!

The Linen Press next to the bed is an antique piece from England circa 1880…my niece will be picking up this piece tonight and it will go to live in her bedroom.  It came from a company called ARK Antiques which is also out of business…so many great companies over the years have come and  gone.  Sadly our economy is not good for small business these days.

The Whistling Elk
Master Bath

I really got fanciful with my master bath.  The Alma Slade draperies are chenille and were perfect with the colors in the Nourison carpet.  But my favorite piece is the Danish Vanity from ARK Antiques…circa 1910.  So pretty!  And of course I just had to have a little vintage chandelier in there…Right?  Absolutely!

I have a thing about old doors and I managed to get my fix with that too in the dining room where I leaned two heavy old French doors to flank a 3 panel screen…an oil from Andrew Kolb & Sons depicting a hillside village in Italy.  That’s  the only non-bling  (Stone County Ironworks) chandelier I own over that table!!!   I always meant to hang some crystals on it…

The Whistling Elk
Dining Room

So I guess this is my tribute to my pretty little home that I am leaving behind.  I will miss it.  A little place always filled with light from all the large windows.  But I am also so excited to start over and to what I am going to create next!

I’m With Miss Piggy…Everyday Should Be A Small Business Shopping Day!

I am still chuckling over the Small Business Saturday video featuring Miss Piggy (it’s posted on chesterstreettalk.com.)

Very Cute!  Thanks for sharing Jess!

And yes, the Christmas Season is almost here…

Thanksgiving is next week!  Wow! I can’t wait to enjoy the food and the family gathering!

At The Whistling Elk I am ready!  The tree is up and full of Mark Roberts Fairies and beautiful ornaments…

home decor
Beautiful Ornaments at The Whistling Elk

home decor and christmas ornaments
The Whistling Elk in Chester NJ

Chester NJ
Mark Roberts Fairies at The Whistling Elk

The Whistling Elk
Mark Roberts Fairies are just too cute.

and, of course, we are well stocked with our favorite jewelry line, La Vie Parisienne…

chester nj
Beautiful jewelry from La Vie Parisienne at The Whistling Elk

A new shipment of Sloane Fine Tea Merchants Teas came last week so we have some favorites in stock like Heavenly Cream and some new ones like Vanilla Bean Rooibos….I tried this one last night and it is delicious and healthy to boot…full of antioxidants and anti-inflammories…yummm!

the whistling elk
Sloane Fine Teas

The Whistling Elk, Chester NJ
Tea Anyone? Pretty Cups and Saucers…fill them with Sloane Fine Teas

Sadly you cannot eat these beautiful cupcake ornaments!

The Whistling Elk
Cupcake ornaments!

Our famous Throw Blankets always make a great gift…Soft and warm they are also a beautiful addition to your home décor!

The Whistling Elk
Throw Blankets make a design statement and keep you cozy!


Lots of pretty decorations around the shop to help you get into the holiday spirit!

home decor
Bling and Glitter…

christmas decorations in chester nj
Decorations at the Whistling Elk in Chester NJ

Oh my, our Lampe Berger shelves are packed with amazing fragrances, lots of beautiful Lampes to choose from or Gift Sets at special prices so you can give the gift of scent to friends and family!

Chester NJ
Lampe Berger at The Whistling Elk

Lampe Berger
More Lampes…

home decor
Delicious Fragrance from Lampe Berger

You will find the shop is full of beautiful artwork, mirrors, lamps and small accent tables for the home…we are still a wonderful source of home furnishings and accessories!  So come and find out what shopping Small Business is all about…great service, friendly faces and, of course, CHESTER is in itself is a beautiful location for shopping…so full of old world charm!


Home Décor and The Whistling Elk

The latest shipment of artwork came yesterday.  There were two boxes (one of them over 6′ high) on a big skid….it was a hot day to contemplate opening that much freight.

But as always when I started to take out all the different pieces of artwork I got excited because it was all beautiful and nothing was broken…that in itself was a miracle since this particular shipment was actually on the road for 20 days.  So now there is lots of beautiful artwork again at The Whistling Elk!

Here’s a sampling of some of the pieces that arrived…come check them out…there’s more!

Home Decor
Our newest “Lady” – beautiful…but we have the Lady in Black too…

home decor
Gorgeous Giglee at The Whistling Elk, Chester NJ

home decor at the whistling elk in chester nj
Giclee Still Life (part of a set of 4)

home decor
Wall Art Arrivals at The Whistling Elk (these frames are distressed gold)

The Whistling Elk Home Decor
Floral with Swarovski crystals

Home Decor
Wine Labels – Set of 4

The Whistling Elk
Eiffel Tower with Swarovski crystals

artwork at The Whistling Elk, Chester NJ
Tuscan Scene – this is a canvass wrap

The Whistling Elk
Tea Anyone?  Love this one!

Walls are a big part of your home…and your home décor plan should include lots of beautiful artwork on the those walls.

We’re doing our part at The Whistling Elk!  We have shipments of beautiful wall décor every other month!  This month we brought in a double shipment so there are over 45 new pieces in the shop.  Come check it out and spruce up your home décor!




Walls Define a Room – Fill Them with Beautiful Art

Chester NJ
This pretty piece of art makes me smile in its simple beauty – its a giclee so there is no glare of glass and I think that makes it easier to appreciate!

A shipment of art just arrived late yesterday afternoon.  After the initial flurry of activity required to take in the shipment, unpack it and examine it then price it….I got to thinking of how the walls of a room define the space within it and how decorating the walls brings the room to life and enhances and complements the other furnishings.

I began thinking about how certain pieces of art just make your heart beat…and how the enjoyment of looking at them directly contributes to your feeling of well being and enjoyment in your home!

So on that note I am excited to share a few pictures of some of the art that came in….its a diverse collection this time…mostly smaller pieces but all beautiful.  Maybe one or two will touch your heart and will take its place in your home!

art at the whistling elk in chester nj
This pretty print is embedded with jewels that sparkle and add to the beauty of the print – there is a companion print “madame”

The Whistling Elk, Chester NJ
Love the Colorful aspect of these bath prints! There are 4 in the collection – all beautiful

artwork at The Whistling Elk
This chandelier print has a companion print that showcases a different chandelier. Together in a Dining Room they would be spectacular.

We have some elegant crowns right now too…couldn’t resist putting one in the vicinity of this print….they just seem to resonate!  The Chandelier print is studded with little amber crystals.

The Whistling Elk, Chester NJ
This wall has some many pretty pictures on it – all very different and yet all working together to form a lovely picture. The one in the middle is actually a mirror distressed and detailed with reverse painting on glass so it is reflecting the other side of the shop!

artwork chester nj
A pair of pictures that work in the kitchen, butlers pantry or breakfast room…they each have a mate (not shown here)

Chester NJ
There are four of these pretty ballerina prints….all different poses studded with jewels.

artwork at the Whistling Elk
I love these – they are so elegant and look very old…I like to think some ancestor of mine lived in one of these castles. There are 3 different castle prints – all beauties.

Artwork at The Whistling Elk
There is some diversity on the wall but it works in that all is beautiful!

There are more beautiful pieces in the shop so stop by and see what catches your eye!

Our artwork is always elegant, always beautiful and always 20% off every day.

Tea, Honey and Home

Tea, Honey and Home

I love tea!

I love not only the taste of a delicious tea but the whole ritual!

In this crazy world there is nothing better than to brew some tea, wait while it steeps,  and then pour it from a pretty teapot into a pretty cup!  and of course you should do this while relaxing in your beautiful home!

I know you think you don’t have the time.  Well, I say make the time –  you will be the better for it.  Sip it slowly and enjoy the whole ritual.  I admit it took me a while to get the hang of it but now I look forward every morning and evening to my private little ritual that relaxes me and helps me to remember what life is really all about.

Tea, Honey and happiness
Sloane Fine Tea Merchants at The Whistling Elk

I did a lot of research on Tea as I was looking for a new line to sell in my shop…and what I found is outstanding!  Sloane Fine Tea Merchants.  It wasn’t easy as they are in Toronto and I am now actually their first customer in New Jersey.  It’s a little tougher to import product…I haven’t done a lot of that in my shop – but if you give it a try you will agree –  it is worth it!

Here’s what they say about their Tea :

“The tea in your cup is a result of a delicious journey. At Sloane Tea Company we traverse the world in search of only the finest teas that would delight even the most discerning of palates.

The Sloane story is about beauty. Beauty as told through the senses of taste, smell and sight.  Beauty as experienced through the remarkable taste of our teas, as well as the beauty of the colour in your cup and the enticing fragrance of our perfumed teas. Sloane’s signature line of teas and tisanes (herbal teas) combine the finest loose leaf teas, exotic ingredients and artisanal techniques.

Tea sourced & blended by Certified Tea Sommeliers

Each Sloane Tea is individually sourced. Chosen from hundreds of tea gardens, Sloane Teas are carefully processed using centuries old artisanal techniques. Our scented and blended teas are custom created by our own team of Certified Tea Sommeliers and culinary experts. As part of the development of our products, we have consulted with the Maître Nez (Head Nose) of one of France’s foremost perfumeries and trained at the Studio Des Fragrance in Grasse, France.”

The tea is absolutely delicious!  My favorite right out of the gate was the Heavenly Crème – I am already addicted to it.  It really is heavenly.  And then I enjoyed it so much I already ran out!!!!  So I decided to try the Jasmine Pink Lemonade and I have to say I love it also and for me that is saying a lot. As  a general rule before sipping this tea I would have said “No Thanks…I just don’t like green teas” but I was wrong – this one is delicious!  It’s blended white and green tea  and one of Sloane’s “Signature” blends.   It has the sweetness of fresh jasmine and an unforgettable pink grapefruit finish…and it is superb as an iced tea also!   I have been drinking it both hot and cold and look forward to it almost as much as the Heavenly Cream….you simply must try these teas!

Sloane Teas at The Whistling Elk
Heavenly Cream Tea

So now that I have found these delicious teas from Sloane, I am stocking them and found that I wanted to sell a delicious honey to use with them.  So again I have done exhaustive research and found some sources of Raw honey  which I will also be stocking.  For the teas I love the Star Thistle Raw Honey the best because it has a very subtle flavor and doesn’t interfere with the flavor of the tea…but I have many varieties of raw honey available now:

Star Thistle, Orange Blossom, Wildflower, Bamboo, Buckwheat, and Clover….all Raw and delicious!  And there will be more….

The Whistling Elk
some raw honey

Ohh, and of course you must drink your tea from a beautiful cup…

Tea, Honey and teacups at the whistling elk
Tea cups at The Whistling Elk

At The Whistling Elk you will find not only home furnishings and accessories but also lots of other products to enhance the way you live your life!  We believe your home should be your sanctuary…that is one reason why I love our Tea products!  They will be in good company with our other home products like our Lampe Berger!  Come in an see what is new!  It’s our 25th anniversary this year!  and we are celebrating!