2020 Retail Stars Home Accents Today

I am so excited and honored to have received this award for 2020

and for the 2nd time no less!

Read about the 2020 Retail Stars chosen by Home Accents Today 


The article gives some background on the list of  50 finalists and some brief descriptions of each business. 


The finalists come from across the United States…

although the only one from New Jersey is The Whistling Elk!


I am on cloud nine right now! 


The Whistling Elk – A 2020 Retail Star!

Home Accents Today

Elegant Furnishings

The Whistling Elk has been named one of the 50 best

home furnishings retailers in the country for 2020!!! 

This is such a wonderful honor especially in the current business environment!


15 More Art Prints Added To The Whistling Elk Sale

More Art has been added to our Huge Art Sale at The Whistling Elk!

These pictures are available for FOR CURBSIDE PICK UP  ONLY.

If you want to purchase one call 908-334-0103


Picture Number Twenty Eight – European Canal Scene.

Measures 37″h x 31″w and is gorgeous in its detail and vibrant color. The frame is wood and a dark espresso with gold detail on inner edge.  Retail price $449 on Sale for $225.

Canal Scene
Canal Scene


Picture Number Twenty Nine – Learning the Alphabet.

This is a fun print for a child’s room!  It measures 30″h x 23″w and is framed in a simple grey frame.  Retail price is $199 Now on Sale for $99.

Learning to Count
Children’s Art


Picture Number Thirty – Key Trio One

Elegant set of antique keys all embellished with Swarovski crystals.   The frame is nicely detailed silver with a black wash over top.  The print measures 12″w x 14.5″h and retails for $149.  Now on sale for $75. SOLD



Picture Number Thirty One – Key Trio Two

Another set of antique keys embellished with Swarovski Crystals.  Frame is silver with black wash.  It measures 12″w x 14.5″h.  Retail is $149 Now on Sale for $75. SOLD

Key Trio Two


Picture Number Thirty Two – Key Trio Three

Antique keys studded with Swarovski Crystals…this one is a little smaller measuring at 10″ x 12″h.  Retail is $149 Now on Sale for $75.

key Trio Three


Picture Number Thirty Three – A Sweet Deer

Great for a child’s room this little deer is adorable!  Watercolor measures 25″h x 19″w and is framed in a light grey frame.  Retail $149 Now on Sale for $75.

A sweet Deer
Children’s Art – A Sweet Deer


Picture Number Thirty Four – Shabby Mirror

A shabby chic mirror measuring 38″h x 24″w.  Gold Accents.  Highly distressed.  Retail price $179 Now on Sale for $89.  SOLD

Shabby Chic Mirror
Distressed Mirror


Picture Number Thirty Five – Marche Fleurs!

This giclee is faux finished canvas (no glass) and measures 34.5″ square.  The frame is wood in a dark expresso/black with gold detailing on the inner edge.  Retail $315 Now on Sale $159.

marche fleur
Marche Fleur


Picture Number Thirty Six – Metal medallion

Great detailed Medallion finished in shabby white with a subtle shading slightly darker.  It measures 35″ in diameter.  Retail $149 Now on Sale for $75.  SOLD

metal medallion
Great Focal Piece – Metal Medallion


Picture Number Thirty Seven – Soft Green Mirror

Mirror with a beautiful green finish and gold accents.  It measures 36.5″h x 26.5″w.  Retail $375  Now on Sale for $189.

Green mirror
Mirror with a beautiful Green Finish


Picture Number Thirty Eight – Watercolor

Lovely watercolor print framed in silver leaf with a subtle beige/oatmeal matte.  Really pretty!  Measures 39″h x 29″w.   Retail $199 Now on Sale for $99.



Picture Number Thirty Nine – Princess

For your princess!  Print is studded with Swarovski Crystals and framed in a wood frame dark brown with gold accents.  It measures 16″ square.  Retail $119 Now on Sale for $59.



Picture Number Forty – French Floral

Floral with Swarovski Crystals inset under glass.  I love this frame – it’s wood with a champagne finish.  Lovely detail!  It measures 21″h x 18″w.  Retail is $215 Now on Sale for $105.

lovely yellow flowers
Yellow Flowers with Swarovski Crystals


Picture Number Forty One – Rushing Waters

Canvas giclee measuring 36.5″w x 48″h.  Love the serenity of this giclee.  Water flowing over rocks…rushing onward.  Simple gold frame simply disappears!  Retail $449 Now on Sale for $225.

The Creek
Rushing Water


Call 908 334 0103

if you would like to make a purchase for curbside pickup!

The Art Sale at The Whistling Elk Continues!

Some new Art has been added to our Huge Art Sale at The Whistling Elk!

These pictures are available for FOR CURBSIDE PICK UP  ONLY.

If you want to purchase one call 908-334-0103

Picture Number Sixteen:  Lewis Carroll Quote

Another of our pieces that has a definite antique quality….black frame with faint gold detailing on the edge.  The paper has been aged for that antique look framed size 18 x 22″.  Quote by Lewis Carroll.  Price $149 NOW ON SALE FOR $75.

The Whistling Elk, Chester NJ
Lewis Carroll Quote


Picture Number Seventeen:  Colorful Abstract Floral

This colorful still life floral is a canvas transfer.  It measures 30 wide x 24″ long. 

Price is $210.  NOW ON SALE FOR $99.

still life
Still Life Floral Canvas Transfer


Picture Number Eighteen & Number Nineteen:  Oversize Botanicals I (picture number 18) & II (picture number 19)

These striking botanicals (there are 2 priced individually) are a definite statement maker whether you use them together or alone!  They are framed in a simple black frame.  Overall measurements are 24″ wide x 33″ long. Price is $159 each.  NOW ON SALE FOR $75 EACH. BOTH SOLD

Botanical I Framed in Black


botanical print
Botanical II Framed in Black


Picture Number Twenty:  Italian Waterfront with Rowboats

This canvas transfer is so vibrant!  It measures 30″wide x 22″ long. 

Price is $299.  NOW ON SALE FOR $145.

italian waterfront print
Italian Waterfront print with Rowboats


Picture Number Twenty-One:  Italian Waterfront with Sailboats

This canvas transfer is beautiful and the water is absolutely beautiful.  It measures 30″ wide x 22″ long.  Price is $299  NOW ON SALE FOR $145.

italian waterfront print
Italian Waterfront with Sailboats on Moorings


Picture Number Twenty Two & Twenty Three:  Roses I (#22) and Roses II (#23)

French writing overlaid with beautiful roses.  It’s matted and has a gold beaded filet and liner.  The frame is wood with a delicate gold detailing on the inner edge.  The piece measures 26″ square.  Price is $389.  NOW ON SALE FOR $189.

Roses I
Roses I print under glass with filet


Roses II
Roses overlaid on French Writing print


Picture Number 24:  Chandelier/Ceiling Study

This elegant print is studded with Swarovski crystals!  It’s very striking!  The frame is wood with a beautifully detailed carved frame and an antiqued silver finish with a black wash.  It measures 31″ square.  Price is $415.  NOW ON SALE FOR $199. SOLD

Ceiling Study Chandelier
Chandelier/Ceiling Study with Swarovski Crystals


Picture Number Twenty Five:  Tavern Print Horse/Hare

This is a great piece for the tavern, wine cellar or bar area. Very whimsical!  It measures 13″ wide x 16″ long.  Price $125  NOW ON SALE FOR $59.

tavern print
Taven Print at The Whistling Elk


Picture Number Twenty Six A, B, C, D, E, F:  ShabbyChic Botanicals

This set of floral study prints are an homage to soft, sweet lavender. A monochromatic masterpiece. Finished off in simple white frames, this set makes a great addition to kitchen, living or bathroom.  Price for each is $89.  NOW ON SALE FOR $40 EACH – Note for  individual buys choose A, B, C, D, E or F.  IF YOU PURCHASE ALL 6 THE PRICE BECOMES $35 EACH.

shabbychic prints
Botanical prints Shabby Chic


Picture Number Twenty Seven: Lady in Black

This elegant giclee measures 34″ wide x 46″ long.  It is faux finished (no glass) and framed in a gorgeous wood frame with a little gold detailing.  The frame is a dark espresso with some barely discernable/faint antique gold highlights and a thin antique gold line on the inner edge of the frame.  A statement piece – perfect for the Dining Room, Living Room or Foyer.  Price is $599.  NOW ON SALE FOR $289.

lady in black
Lady in Black Giclee framed in Gorgeous Frame


Call 908 334 0103 if you are interested in purchasing a picture for curbside pick up.



Art Sale at The Whistling Elk

We are having a huge Art Sale at The Whistling Elk!

These pictures are available from 11 am to 3 pm FOR CURBSIDE PICK UP  SATURDAY or SUNDAY APRIL 18th or 19th ONLY.

If you want to purchase one for curbside pick up on these days

call 908-334-0103 to make your purchase.

Picture Number One:  TEA PARTY.

This is a giclee print (no glass faux finish), measures 19″ long x 23″ wide and is framed in a beautiful gold wood frame. The price is $215 ON SALE NOW FOR $105. SOLD

Tea Party Giclee at The Whistling Elk, Chester NJ


Picture Number Two:  WINE BOTTLES

This is a giclee print (no glass, faux finish), measures 29 x 29, framed in a dark ebony with gold accents frame.  The price is $329 NOW ON SALE FOR $159.

Wine labels
Wine Bottles with Gorgeous Labels at The Whistling Elk, Chester NJ


Picture Number Three: QUOTE BY ANONYMOUS

This Anonymous Quote is framed in Black with a faint gold accent.  The paper has been antiqued.  Overall it measures 18 wide x 22 long.  Simple and lovely. Price $149 NOW ON SALE FOR $75.

anonymous quote
Anonymous Quote at The Whistling Elk in Chester NJ


Pictures Number Four:  ROCOCO and Number Five: ANTIQUITES

This print under glass is studded with amber Swarovski crystals.  It is very elegant and Striking and has a mate which is labelled Antiquites.  Both are framed in a beautiful antique gold carved wood frame measuring 28 wide x 36 long.  The background of the print is black and gold.  Gorgeous and rich!  Price each $499 ON SALE NOW FOR $245 EACH.

chester nj
“Rococo” print at The Whistling Elk


Antiquites at The Whistling Elk in Chester NJ


Picture Number Six:  RED BARN IN FIELD

This faux finished giclee print (no glass) is framed in a barnwood frame with a faint gold detail on the inner edge.  It measures 26.5″ long x 20.5″ wide.  Price $389 NOW ON SALE FOR $189.

The Whistling Elk – Red Barn in Field



This faux finished giclee print (no glass) is framed in a barnwood frame with a faint gold detail on the inner edge.  It measures 22.5″ Long x 26.5″ wide.  Price $389 NOW ON SALE FOR $189.

White and Red Barns in Field Giclee



This faux finished giclee print (no glass) is framed in a barnwood frame with a faint gold detail on the inner edge.  It measures 22.5″ Long x 26.5″ wide.  Price $389 NOW ON SALE FOR $189. SOLD

Barn print
Old White Barn with Red Roof in Field



This faux finished giclee print (no glass) is framed in a barnwood frame with a faint gold detail on the inner edge.  It measures 26.5″ long x 20.5″ wide.  Price $389 NOW ON SALE FOR $189.

old barn
Old Red Barn with Side Building Giclee



Love the wild English garden in this Country House faux finished giclee (no glass).  It measures 23″ long x 26.5″ wide.  The frame is old barnwood.  Price $389 NOW ON SALE FOR $195. SOLD

english country house
English Country House and Garden

Picture Number Eleven:  PLAYFUL FRIENDS

This print under glass measures 19″ wide x 25″ long perfect for the young child’s room.  Price $149 NOW ON SALE FOR $75.SOLD

Playful Elephant, zebra, monkey and parrot.


Picture Number Twelve:  RED DOG

I call this Red Dog…because i love the vibrant background!  It is a canvas transfer measuring 14 x 10 wide.  The Price is $79 NOW ON SALE FOR $39.

Canvas Transfer of Boxer on Red Background.


Picture Number Thirteen:  Two Love Bunnies

This is a canvas transfer measuring 10 x 10″.  The Price $65 NOW ON SALE FOR $32.

Two Love Bunnies at The Whistling Elk


Picture Number Fourteen:  Daisy Dog

This is a canvas transfer measuring 10 x 10″.  Price $65 NOW ON SALE FOR $32.

daisy dog
Daisy Dog print at The Whistling Elk, Chester NJ


Picture Number Fifteen:  Bunny with Hyacinth

This is a canvas transfer measuring 10 x 10″.  Price $65 NOW ON SALE FOR $32.

bunny with hyacinth
Bunny with Hyacinth canvas transfer

Find a Way to Enjoy The Moment (Staying Home)


Right now I m sitting in the sun which is streaming in through my slider…I have never done this before shockingly !!

The Corona Virus, horrible and beastly as it is, has forced me to stop working 24/7 and slow down and take a little downtime.

I have worked my whole life.  Even when switching jobs I didn’t take time in between.  Since opening my own shop 30 years ago I have worked  the whole time between 6 and 7 days a week.  Sure, I took some amazing ski vacations over the years (at Vail my favorite) but even then I fretted about being away from my business.

Now don’t get me wrong, this virus is a terrible, terrible, terrible thing and I am distressed that people are sick and dying.  They are in my thoughts and prayers every day.

But this “stay at home” order is in some ways a gift that I never asked for and never would ask for.  However, now that I’ve got it I am wholeheartedly enjoying it for  the gift that it is and for what it is worth.  I would never have taken time for myself.

For the first time in my life I have no income stream…none in the forseeable future and can’t even imagine how this will all end…but right now the sun is warm, I have nowhere to go, nothing pressing me, and I feel as though God has given me time to rejuvenate, to plan, to rest, to rethink everything, to enjoy the moment!  I will  trust that he has plan and meanwhile I will not allow this gift to go to waste.



Plus and Minus

I put together a list this morning of projects that need doing.

I filled an entire sheet.

I posted it and every time I walk by it I think of something else to add.  There are some plusses to being stuck at home. 

Some of the things on the list have been on the back burner for months and perhaps years!

I have decided to make sure that I pick something on that list to complete every day…with that in mind I literally could stay home for a quite a while.

Well, that will take care of some of the time I have on my hands…

I have already discovered this morning that my mind is still creative and fertile…teeming with ideas…mostly how to improve and take my business to the next level…new things I want to do, plans I want to put into action.

It’s almost scary.  Maybe, just maybe, that is why when this is over our economy is going to go nuts….we will all have this pent up creativity and desire to go full steam ahead.

Some things with regard to my business I have already implemented in this new free time I have found myself blessed with.

Minuses, of course, we all know.  We miss each other, we’re a little scared and we can’t wait for it to be behind us.  And, it’s hard stop from eating! 😉

Stay safe, my friends.

Barbara Collins, The Whistling Elk


In Times of Stress It’s Good to Have Something You Enjoy Doing

It’s a stressful world right now.

I am always glad that there are certain activities that

keep me busy when stress is in the air…

Wall painting
Faux Painted Wall at The Whistling Elk

pretty black table
Little Black Table at The Whistling Elk

Painting is one such enjoyable and therapeutic activity.

What is Yours?

Mark Robert’s 2019 Santas, Fairies and Elves at The Whistling Elk

Enjoy our little Mark Roberts Video!!

Mark Roberts 2019 Collection of Santas, Fairies and Elves are adorable and available now at The Whistling Elk.

They are a top gift on our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide…Get Yours Today!!



Our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Throw Blankets

Beautiful, soft, cozy, colorful, elegant and a fashion statement for your home.  You must have at least one!  Ours come in almost every color imaginable.  Wrap yourself up in one!  And give one to all your friends and family!  You will be a hero.

Maison Berger (Lampe Berger)

A big favorite.  An air purifier that perfumes the air you live in!  Beautiful and a real workhorse too!  You will love it…no open flame…and scent all thru your home.

Made in France with that special oohlala elegant scents that only the French can do!  There are also candles, reed diffusers and mist diffusers–you can have it all!!

Sorrelli Jewelry

A family owned company that is all about sparkle!  An extensive collection is available at the shop and we constantly run specials…come see what the latest deal is!  And a hint to all you men out there…this is a winner!

La Vie Parisenne Jewelry

Gorgeous jewelry by French Designer Catherine Popesco.  Antique molds are used to create this line of 14k gold plated and swarovski studded collection!  A must have or a must give!

Mark Roberts 2019 Christmas Fairies and Elves

If you don’t have one you will want one.  The 2019 Collection is beautiful as usual and well appointed as ever.  They will make you smile (or else).  For 26 years a special Christmas offering from The Whistling Elk.

Sloane Fine Tea Merchants

Did you know there was something known as a Tea Sommelier?  Well there is and this line of fine teas was created in Toronto by a Tea Sommelier who is also a trained Perfumist (is that a word?)  Delicious and amazing to both your scent and taste!  You need to try the Heavenly Cream…it’s divine!!! (hahaha really)

A Girl With A Pearl

These are the real thing.  Need a really special Gift…this is it.  Baroque Cultured Freshwater Pearls…beautiful.  Different styles and price points.  A must have for the woman in your life!  Hint, Hint.

Club Bags

The best little bags ever.  They hold your phone (quite comfortably) and have a zippered pocket for your valuable stuff….like lipstick, money $$$, etc.  And did i mention that they are good looking?  Well they are quite fashionable!

Michel Designworks

Going Somewhere?  This company makes Great Hostess Gifts…beautiful, festive and beautifully packaged.  Great price points.  Foaming handsoaps are the best!  But there is more…so much more.

The Whistling Elk is loaded with great gift ideas and decorations for your home.  Your Go-To  shopping  place…Stop and See for Yourself! This little list is just the tip of the iceberg 😉  Trust Me.


Vintage Style Art Joins the Line Up at The Whistling Elk in Chester, NJ

We have a new vintage style art line at The Whistling Elk!

vintage prints
Vintage prints at the Whistling Elk

A whimsical and fun art line has joined our other great wall decor lines! 

The Whistling Elk Chester NJ
Vintage prints at The Whistling Elk are fun and whimsical!

The initial shipment has arrived with about 20 pieces of art but there is so much more to come!

the mad hatter
There are many other great quotes all framed beautifully!

  This line has a very vintage flavor and it is great for children and of course adults!

The Whistling Elk in Chester NJ has a new shipment of artwork.

Another favorite…

horses and saddles
Love these prints!

Come check it out…it’s definitely worth a giggle 🙂

children's artwork
The Whistling Elk has great art for Children’s rooms!

And don’t forget, our Artwork is always 20% off…every day!


New Introductions at The Whistling Elk This Summer

It’s August!  Oh No!

I need to squeeze every bit of summer left out of August!!!

It’s been a good summer though with lots of things happening at The Whistling Elk.

Beautiful Twos Company lanterns
Colorful Lanterns at The Whistling Elk in Chester NJ

We have brought in a lot of new products and there are more coming this Fall.

New and in stock right now…


A beautifully packaged line of everyday fragranced products that are  fabulous for hostess gifts!  The Foaming Hand Soaps are probably my favorite but there are quite a few other items to choose from.

Michel Design Works

The bar soaps are large and the packaging tempts you want to keep them wrapped.  The Soy Candles come in beautiful boxes that you will want to save for keepsakes and everything smells amazing...there are many many scents!

The Hand and Body Lotion contains, of course, Shea Butter and there is also luxurious Shower Gel.

These products are all priced from $11 to $17 so they are perfect for small token gifts or  dare i say…stocking stuffers.

But that is not where Design Works stops….they also have gorgeous kitchen aprons, potholders and tea towels…pillows and scatter rugs!  And, a complete line of melamine platters, plates, bowls and other serving pieces that are colorful, lightweight and,of course, unbreakable!

You will love this line and we are stocked now with more coming for the holidays!


Maison Berger
Maison Berger…new lampes and Diffusers!

Maison Berger is introducing about 80 new products this Fall.   They are expanding the AROMA Collection and introducing new Diffusers and Soy Candles.

Maison Berger Lampes new for the fall
Maison Berger USA at The Whistling Elk in Chester NJ

I LOVE the Aroma Collection…

the scents are complex yet pure – so nice!

There are New Scents and New Lampes and Gift Sets just in time for the holidays.  We are the largest retailer of Maison Berger in New Jersey so you will always find a huge selection of fragrances and lampes every day.  Maison Berger makes such a great gift for everyone, the gift sets are so reasonably priced and now Maison Berger has included a new larger free sample of scent with each gift set….We love Maison Berger!


We are so excited to bring Young Living to you!   Everyone knows Young Living for Essential Oils but they have quite a diverse line of products, all chemical free, pesticide free and pure.  If you are interested in a healthy lifestyle and products that can help you toward that goal then Young  Living is for you.  Come in and learn more about these wonderful products.

Young Living Essential Oils and healthy living products!

On some Sunday afternoons we will have Cheryl Bock here to talk about and demonstrate Young Living Products….Cheryl is local and some of you will know her from Spin Class.  She also raises money for Cancer Research.  She is knowledgeable and enthusiastic – you will love her!

Young Living Ning Xia Red
One of my favorite products from Young Living is Ning Xia Red which is a fabulous drink full of antioxidants and super foods…and it is YUMMY.

CBD isolate…that means nothing but the CBD…99% and 1% Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living has just introduced CBD products.  Watch these take over the market…you can trust Young Living to bring you the purest CBD – it is 99% CBD and 1% Young Living Essential Oils. 

Of course  we still have all the beautiful, classic home furnishings and accessories that you expect from us!  Come see us soon!

The Changing Winds of Design

There is really nothing like a beautiful Traditional

room design.

 Warm. Cozy. Timeless.

I can’t imagine anything better than that.

Amazing family room by Alexa Hampton Inc. Love the use of Color!!

Designers who create rooms incorporating Traditional looks with a few clean modern accents or maybe some wonderful vintage or antique pieces take my breath away and make my heart beat.  Beautiful design can always do that to me.

Obviously color is a major factor in the design of the warm, cozy Traditional room.  Although I enjoyed the greys and accompanying pale palette that has been trending...it is cold…Brrrh!  So I am not so sad to see it trending down and away.

What do you think?  Are you ready to move on to some great color and tradition?  or will you be trying to hold on to the cooler palettes?

Once change starts on the wholesale level you will start finding less and less of the outgoing trends and colors.  It takes a little time to transition and longer still for the retail customer to embrace the next trend.

Often customers will look for decorative accessories and accents in colors that have recently passed  out of favor and they become extremely hard to find…sadly I’m sure that on occasion you have experienced this.

When the market starts to transition it is always wise to finish a room before accents become more scarce.

Taken from designer Michael Smith’s book “The Curated House: Creating Style, Beauty and Balance”.

 Personally, I am wholeheartedly embracing the return of color!


Maison Berger New Introductions at TheWhistling Elk

One of our favorite products at The Whistling Elk is Maison Berger.  Did you know that we have been selling this fabulous line for almost 20 years and that we have the largest selection of Maison Berger products in New Jersey?

home decor
Lampe Berger Paris

Maison Berger is an air purifier and it works!  It will eliminate bacteria in the air and perfume your home like no other product.  It’s easy to use and the results will impress you!

Maison Berger has many new lampes this year and many new scents.  One of my favorites is the new Pure White Tea.  It’s delicious!

The Whistling Elk Chester NJ
Maison Berger “Pure White Tea” one of the newest scents!

The new “Eclipse” lampe comes in 2 colors and both are packed as gift sets so you get a 180 ml of free scent with the lampe!

air purifier
Maison Berger at The Whistling Elk in Chester NJ

Maison Berger has also introduced Car Diffusers!  They are sleek and attractive, fit to the vents in your car and purify the air!

Many scents are available!

Scent diffuser for the car
Maison Berger for your Car!

You will find these at The Whistling Elk also!

2018 Mark Roberts Fairies

Well, last week the Mark Roberts Fairies arrived on the scene!  As always they are adorable.  We have a selection out now for your viewing pleasure!

The Whistling Elk Chester NJ
Mark Roberts Collection 2018

This year Mark has introduced some new elves and they are beautiful!  They have weighted feet so they can stand alone anywhere which makes them even more fun.  Lots of great detail!

The Whistling Elk
Mark Roberts Fairies 2018

There are a couple of girl fairies again this year…this is Joyous Christmas and she has the most amazing skirt!

Chester NJ
Mark Roberts 2018 Fairy Collection

They are out now!  Come and see and choose yours!



Lampe Berger has a new name!

M A I S O N   B E R G E R

and is going to be introducing a lot of new products!

The Whistling Elk Chester NJ
Maison Berger celebrating 120 years with a new fragrance Elegant Parisienne!

When I go to the Home Accessories and Gift Show in July

I will be visiting Maison Berger and will see all their new products!

I am excited and actually can’t wait.

Maison Berger is also celebrating it’s

120th birthday! 

Chester NJ
The Whistling Elk in Chester NJ carries a full selection of Maison Berger (Lampe Berger)


The Whistling Elk 28th Anniversary

20180209_163641Wow, another year has come and gone at The Whistling Elk.

We have just entered our 29th year in business!!

So very soon now we will be celebrating our 28th Anniversary.   Watch for our posts letting you know what our special plans are…coming soon!

I still love what I do after all these years!




2017 is Fast Drawing to a Close!

As 2017 draws to a close, I would just like to say how grateful I am for all the wonderful customers who frequent my shop!

It has been another wonderful year!  And I am enthusiastically awaiting the beginning of my 28th year here in beautiful Chester NJ…in another couple of weeks I will be heading to Atlanta to shop for  merchandise for 2018!

I will be forever grateful that I chose Chester to be the home for my collection of casually elegant home furnishings and accessories….

home furnishings

Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season!





Sometimes You Just Need a Flying Pig…

I have been awaiting this particular art shipment for over two weeks.  It was on the road for almost a month….which is very scary…But it is all perfect! 

So very happy it’s here!

Right now it is leaning just about everywhere in the shop!

home decorThere is so much beauty here…landscapes, geometrics, bath prints, amazing fleur de lis wall sculptures, florals, still lifes and more.

home decor at the whistling elk in chester nj
florals and damask patterned prints

home decor
gorgeous chandelier print

chester nj
art at the whistling elk

home decor

home decor
fleur de lis

A Flying Pig even came along with this order….he has an amazing Swarovski crystal crown too!

He is nestled in behind the embellished candlestick below…

so cute!

home decor
Flying Pig

The Whistling Elk is Sponsoring a Lampe Berger Special for Mother’s Day

It’s a perfect time to try a Lampe Berger at The Whistling Elk!

We have lots of beautiful lampes to choose from and when you purchase one you can get a tripack of 3 fragrances for 50% off!

The Whistling Elk
Lampe Berger Tripack – Warm Scents

There are two different tripacks to choose from … one has fresh scents:  Fresh Linen, Lemonflower and the international best selling fragrance Ocean Breeze!

The other tripack  includes New Orleans (one of our best sellers), Orange Cinnamon and Vanilla Gourmet!

Get yours while supplies last.

Chester NJ
Lampe Berger at The Whistling Elk