A Move Can Be a Beautiful Thing

The last 3 months have been a whirlwind of activity…so much so that i had to neglect the elegant paris blog. So Sorry!
Well, today i feel like i can finally take a breath!

In late November I made the decision to move my shop out of the location which i had occupied for 21 years and move into a smaller scale location.
The move was not very far…in fact only about 20 feet into the building next door…but of course a move is a gargantum thing when it is a retail shop especially when you are going from 2200 sq. ft. to 900 sq. ft.

That would require a lot of planning to squeeze everything in. Regardless, i started planning and mapping out how the move would happen and set a date for being out of the old location. That date was January 25th.

The move went well and there was only one glitch…albeit a BIG one. The phone company (we will not mention any names here) shut off my phone and did not turn it on again until Feb. 5th…and they put a message on it that said the # was out of service and disconnected. A great message for a retail shop…ugh! I got that straightened out though and reopened the shop on Feb. 5th.


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