We Have A Lot To Celebrate So Christmas Came Early

The Whistling Elk

Need Some Joy? We’ve got it stocked up to the ceilings at The Whistling Elk for our official Elegant Christmas Pop-Up Experience. We’re celebrating our recent acknowledgement by the Home Decor Industry as one of 50 best retail shops in the country of 2020 in addition to our 30th Anniversary! Since it feels like Christmas for us, we decided to make it feel that way for our customers, too. No matter what holiday our customers celebrate, we are celebrating you and invite you to join us!

At The Whistling Elk, we have gone crazy over Christmas and decided to celebrate early, and yes, there’s Christmas music to listen to while you shop this week! The entire shop has been transformed into a glistening winter Wonderland… it’s beautiful. Garlands dripping in crystals, oversized ornaments, red cardinals, Mark Roberts Christmas fairies, stocking stuffers, seasonal florals, gifts, and mountains of decor line the shop from front to back. Christmas is a joyful time of year and we decided to tap into that and BRING ON THE JOY NOW!  While we have been working to glam up the shop, customers have been coming in and exclaiming “It’s Christmas – I love it!”.

Come and enjoy the shop and do your Christmas shopping now to gracefully avoid the crowds later in the year! Additionally, we have a special gift for you in recognition of our recent achievements… come soon to get it while supplies last and enjoy The Whistling Elk shopping experience.  See you soon!

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