The Whistling Elk Redesigns the Paris Boudoir

Pine Cone Hill Bedding and Bedford Cottage Throws
The Whistling Elk Paris Boudoir

Just rearranged our Paris Boudoir at The Whistling Elk. I changed the floorplan so that I had more room to showcase all the great merchandise that we are showcasing in this room…including our Pine Cone Hill Bedding and our Bedford Cottage Throw Blankets. This is something you should think about at home…changing the floorplan in a room can make the difference between hohum and spectacular. Everything in its right place!!!!

I also made a little more wall space available for our artwork. Loving this new set up!

Elegant Entrance


As you enter our new shop you are greeted with an elegant design vignette that showcases our sofas, art, lamps draperies and carpets…
The paint is Ben Moore Silver Mink – its one of my new favorites!
Every time i walk into this room I feel surrounded by beauty. The details please the eye and create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth. I love the soft color scheme…it makes me want to curl up with a book amongst the pillows on the sofa.

Little Paris Opens Quietly Today!!

Well, today was the day!

We opened Little Paris to the public – we still have a few kinks to work out but we decided to go ahead and softly greet the world!

Here’s a little virtual tour….its better to click on each picture to see everything – I didnt want to shrink them too much!

Have fun!   Here’s the entrance foyer/staircase.

Going up the regal staircase…

Looking up the staircase into the French Country Estate Room. 

The Paris Boudoir

Remember this Vanity that we purchased in June, I think…

There are two of these prints in Little Paris….so amazing! 

venice window pictures

This next series of pictures is from our Paris Apartment Room

We are calling this last room the French Country Estate Room…

as it just kinda took on its own easy going relaxed  feeling.

Well, that’s it….I will finish up the details and have the Grand Opening in Early September!!

I want to move into my little Paris Apartment…

The bedroom portion of the Paris Apartment room is almost complete.  I finished the window treatments last night. 

 The cornice box is made of cardboard and painted with a white texture paint.  I love the light feeling of this room!

These pastel vases are so pretty!

  I would love to put them on my vanity.


Everyone needs a little pink

I just finished painting the “Paris Apartment” in our Little Paris shop…

it’s a beautiful shade of pink called Cotton Candy!

 If you ever told me i’d be painting pink walls in any room of mine – I’d have laughed….

but yes people can change and adapt.  I really love it.

Here’s some pink inspiration for you!



Yes I am truly loving the pink!!!

So now two rooms of Little Paris are on their way to completion….

Happy Father’s Day all.

My head is full of ideas, plans, supplies

I think the left side of my brain must look like this inside right now…it’s neatly organized into compartments –  Everything looks lovely!  But inside the right side…all my plans, ideas, the logistics of the actions required, the supplies  etc are all stuffed to overflowing inside those neat little compartments…it must be a mess of chaos!

I am bursting at the seams with excitement about all the things that have to happen to get this new store open – the trick is to keep things on a neat schedule….i cant get ahead of myself.  Chaos is good right?

A few relaxing hours

Every design project starts with some kind of a floorplan.  It’s like GPS – a guide to your final destination.  I find drawing floorplans and elevations to be a relaxing and rewarding pastime and always enjoy the beginning of each new project.

You can draw your own with a few simple tools…a good tape measure (so you can measure your room and draw to scale),  a couple of soft-leaded pencils, an eraser and some quarter inch block paper (each block equals 1 foot).  Voila!  You are ready to have some fun. 

Yesterday I spent the afternoon drawing floorplans for the new shop.  The one below is a combination floor/elevation plan.  Convenient for seeing everything all in one place…sort of informal but succinct and to scale with a laundry list of items needed to complete the project. 

Paris Studio Apartment

If you like to paint its fun to paint these in the colors you will be using.  Off to work now!  The sun is out so it will be a busy day!  Have fun.