A few relaxing hours

Every design project starts with some kind of a floorplan.  It’s like GPS – a guide to your final destination.  I find drawing floorplans and elevations to be a relaxing and rewarding pastime and always enjoy the beginning of each new project.

You can draw your own with a few simple tools…a good tape measure (so you can measure your room and draw to scale),  a couple of soft-leaded pencils, an eraser and some quarter inch block paper (each block equals 1 foot).  Voila!  You are ready to have some fun. 

Yesterday I spent the afternoon drawing floorplans for the new shop.  The one below is a combination floor/elevation plan.  Convenient for seeing everything all in one place…sort of informal but succinct and to scale with a laundry list of items needed to complete the project. 

Paris Studio Apartment

If you like to paint its fun to paint these in the colors you will be using.  Off to work now!  The sun is out so it will be a busy day!  Have fun.

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