My head is full of ideas, plans, supplies

I think the left side of my brain must look like this inside right now…it’s neatly organized into compartments –  Everything looks lovely!  But inside the right side…all my plans, ideas, the logistics of the actions required, the supplies  etc are all stuffed to overflowing inside those neat little compartments…it must be a mess of chaos!

I am bursting at the seams with excitement about all the things that have to happen to get this new store open – the trick is to keep things on a neat schedule….i cant get ahead of myself.  Chaos is good right?

My new favorite color

Ok its true that almost every day i have a new favorite color….but right now i am totally in love with Adagio – here’s a brownstone just completed using this beautiful & soothing color and I cant get it out of my mind! 

Adagio was perfect – kind of a bluish/gray smokey color!  I am going to use it in the new paris boudoir along with harbor haze, pink lace and paper white.  Definitely getting the itch to start painting.  And, of course there will be lots of 14K gold and warm silver.

The little hancock & moore slipper chair in the foreground is amazing.  They came up with this process of metallizing leather and then lazer cutting it.  It you run your finger over the leather it shimmers!

Off to continue the planning process!

A few relaxing hours

Every design project starts with some kind of a floorplan.  It’s like GPS – a guide to your final destination.  I find drawing floorplans and elevations to be a relaxing and rewarding pastime and always enjoy the beginning of each new project.

You can draw your own with a few simple tools…a good tape measure (so you can measure your room and draw to scale),  a couple of soft-leaded pencils, an eraser and some quarter inch block paper (each block equals 1 foot).  Voila!  You are ready to have some fun. 

Yesterday I spent the afternoon drawing floorplans for the new shop.  The one below is a combination floor/elevation plan.  Convenient for seeing everything all in one place…sort of informal but succinct and to scale with a laundry list of items needed to complete the project. 

Paris Studio Apartment

If you like to paint its fun to paint these in the colors you will be using.  Off to work now!  The sun is out so it will be a busy day!  Have fun.

so many beautiful fabrics

I found so many beautiful fabrics for the Paris Boudoir that it is overwhelming.  I decided that money was no object and so selected every fabric that made my heart beat!  Most are silks…and the trims are just amazing.

my pictures

I find that photographing fabrics never does them justice….but i tried…some of these fabrics will comprise the bedding, draperies, swags, skirts and pillows.  Here’s some trims laid out on my antique danish oak desk.  Some of these beauties will make it into the final mix!

my pictures

Each day is one closer to the grand opening!