It’s Been A Long, Cold Winter

I think that sometimes adversity sharpens our creativity.  Surprisingly this long, cold winter has actually been an inspiration for me.   Maybe my present surroundings had something to do with it too….here’s a few rooms I love and that may have inspired me to take the steps I have planned…

This is a our “tea party” room in my shop – The Whistling Elk.  I love the soft colors, the flowers and the pretty little tufted settee.   Here’ s a few more of my favorites.

These beautiful silk drapes were made for the Old Lafayette Designer Showhouse.
The hanging wall cabinet in the background here is made to order by my cabinetmaker - we've adapted it to fit in many different situations.
Love this warm sitting area featuring a comfy down filled Hancock & Moore sofa.
This room was decorated soon after my return from the last Paris trip.
One of my favorite cozy vignettes!

This fall I will be opening a new little shopThe long, cold winter was a kind of gift that provided me with the time to plan all the details for this vintage style furnishings shop. 

It’s all on paper…so now the fun begins…selecting the actual colors, fabrics and trims, furniture and little trinkets to make it a reality.  Yesterday I spent the day in New York selecting fabrics and trims!  It’s all very exciting and makes the winter just a memory…

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