Let the fun begin!!

2011 is over, the inventory is done, and the clean up after Christmas is progressing.  That means new merchandise is coming and new vignettes are being set up in the shop!

i think this spring “clean up” is my favorite time of year.  I love the lushness of the christmas decorations but i also love the clean lines of the shop once the christmas comes down.

Oh such fun!  I am leaving for Atlanta next week where i will buy the 2012 Christmas!  That’s right….that’s the first thing i buy in 2012…

But while i am there i will buy Spring too….i have a plan for merchandise needed and some new fresh ideas too.

Buying for Little Paris and The Whistling Elk will offer me the opportunity to purchase a wider array of merchandise than in previous years….and ooh la la that is so totally fun!


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