Gift Wrap makes Interesting Wallpaper

Wrapping paper makes great wallpaper collages….it’s fun to design a room around it!

We used it in Little Paris on an accent wall – it was easy to apply and easy to take down…..nice…

gift wrap wallpaper

This paper comes in large sheets and i love the way all the colors work together!

wallpaper collage
wrapping paper

You can frame these individually as posters….

a very inexpensive way to decorate your walls!

la tour eiffel wrapping paper

In fact, its more rare for us to sell these papers at The Whistling Elk as gift wrap than it is for wallpaper or posters!

gift wrap
statue of liberty wrapping paper
wrapping paper
map of rome gift wrap
paris wrapping paper
paris wrapping paper
map of the world
gift wrap collage
paris labels gift wrap
wrapping paper

This one is brand new….a combination of labels, stamps, postcards, and pictures….lovely!


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