Finishing Up a Few Paint Details Before the Chester Craft Show

painted furniture, diy, chalk paint, acrylic paint, architecture
painting architectural details to stand out

I am working on a table right now with nice architectural details…cant wait to see it finished!
Tomorrow is the spring Chester Craft Show…We are going to showcase some of our painted furniture during the show. You can also sign up for our Paint Workshops…the next one is June 13th at 5:30 pm. Call for more information 908-879-2425. Space is limited so you must register and leave a $50 deposit.

These are fun informal workshops! The June 13th class will cover chalk paint paint finishes and introduce Paint Couture! our new acrylic paints…in total you will learn 5 different finishes and leave thinking about all the great things you are going to do with furniture you have in the garage or basement. You will be creating masterpieces…

painted furniture, diy

The top of this piece is actually going to be black…and i have a lot more gold to apply. Its going to be stunning! And to think it was stashed in the basement…

painted furniture, diy, furniture, Paint Couture!
painted and gilded table in the works

Let the furniture speak

painted table annie sloan chalk paint

Just painted and stencilled this little magazine table. It was a solid silver/gold/black mix of color all over – rather a dark look to it. I decided to paint the top first and then see if the rest needed to be touched. It’s so funny how furniture talks to you and tells you what it wants.

painted table top

Stencilling with metallic silver is a departure for me since i am such a “gold” girl. But with this piece i thought it would work so i used it over annie sloan’s old white chalk paint. I am very happy with it! The old white really lightened up the piece and i am thinking that i am done…we’ll see what the client thinks!

pretty medallion in center of painted table

I guess my desk will never by the same

I havent been here for awhile…but it wasnt that i didnt want to be!
I have been crazy BUSY…
my desk looks like this almost every day now!
Ive been painting everything!

The first two paint workshops that we had here in early May only served to inspire me more…everyone was so creative. It was fun…so i have scheduled two more workshops one on June 13 and one on June 20th. Both will run from 5:30 to 8:30 pm…

Heres a little table that started out just plain white. Its wearing a coat of Versailles with some metallic gold trim. What a beautiful color. I crackled the top and clear/dark waxed the whole thing…LOVING.

I am awaiting a package from a new paint company…cant wait to get it to experiment. Its pretty cool and i am hoping to add it to the mix here. Stay tuned.

Our First Paint Workshop is Scheduled

This table is finished…yesterday i mixed some Annie Sloan dark wax with mineral spirits (just a little) and brushed it all over the table top and base…rubbed most of it off, let it dry then sanded the piece all over with 600 paper, applied a thin coat of clear wax which was then buffed. Finis!

Our first Paint Workshop is going to be in May. Space is limited. The class will be held at The Whistling Elk in Chester, NJ…we have several time slots available…so call us if you would like to attend! 908-879-2425 Do you like the way it turned out?

It’s a Show Off…

and its not even finished yet…
Spent a few minutes working on the table today.
Filled in the center of the table with a design i made by using parts of 2 different stencils.
Mixed some Annie Sloan Old White with water and washed it over the whole table (originally black coated with old ochre) softening it, giving it dimension and a cloudly look. It’s ready now for the antiquing process which may happen today or tomorrow depending on how my day goes.
It’s hard now to believe that it started out black and even though its not finished it has really taken on a whole different character…
its soooo pretty and dainty now – hard to believe its the same piece!

It’s just amazing what you can do with paint and a little imagination. Is Painting in your design plan?

Gotta Love Those Good Bones

Today i started working on this round table. It has what i call “good bones” – that is architecture that sings! (to me anyway).
it was completely black with an oak grain to it. I covered the whole table with Old Oche Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. When it dries, i am going to hit it again with another coat.
I want to make sure i cover the black with a good solid coat of paint!
Tomorrow i am going to give it yet another coat…but of pure white. The Whistling Elk is turning into my own private paint workshop where it seems every day now something is being newly designed…
I just found a great ceiling medallion stencil that i am going to tailor to fit the top of this table. Ooh la la! This table is going to go in our Paris Boudoir when complete and will feel so soft and elegant that it will be unrecognizable. Can’t wait til the next step tomorrow!
Do you feel like painting yet?

I like to live dangerously while painting

It is not unusual for me to live dangerously and just start painting on a piece at home without actually clearing it off…lucky for me that i am a neat painter!

I have owned this beautiful bookcase for many years. It is pine and was imported from Europe and just brie waxed and left in its natural state. Up for a change in my home decor I decided that i would paint the outside shell of the piece and give it a new design. The Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray paint on the wall was my inspiration. So here it is with its first coat of Annie Sloan Paris Grey. I painted the sides and the front facing edges.
After this dried, I painted Olde White on the parts that i considered trim. You cant see them in the picture but at the bottom of the bookcase there are 2 drawers…these i painted as trim also.

The piece remained like this for several days as i had to wait for another day off. But actually i could have stopped here – it was simple and pretty and looked great in the room.
Meanwhile i was rummaging in my stencil collection and found one that i could run down the front side edges…so i kept going.
I clear waxed the piece then dark waxed it, rubbed off the excess and sanded it down to distress it.

I also gilded the beaded trim and the stenciled trim on the front sides and the crown.

I thought i was done but I think i will do some trim work on the drawers…but that will have to wait for another day off from The Whistling Elk.

There is an old hole about the wood knob and i am thinking that i can paint a fabulous “lock” above the knob. This too will have to wait for another day.

Yesterday i was on a painting rampage

While i worked on painting the little stool I was also painting on some small boxes…then as i had the Annie Sloan paints open i decided to experiment with the inside of my pantry closet. I am working up to painting all my kitchen cabinets but that will have to wait for another day off from The Whistling Elk.

On the back and side walls of the closet i used provence and then on the shelves used duck egg. Love the subtle contrast! (I think my kitchen chandelier is throwing an interesting pattern on the shelves for a little play on light and shadows.)
I only did one section because i only had a very little Provence…but i will have to get more because i love the way it turned out. The room is Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray so these two colors work wonderfully well as an accent.

I still have plenty of the duck egg so i guess i will finish this project after i go shopping for more paint. Meanwhile i was also working on my old pine bookcase. More pix on that later!

Little Miss Muffet didnt have as cute a tuffet…

This little footstool was feeling very dreary in its old finish of rust/grey…
So i took it home yesterday and gave it a coat of paint. I waxed it with a little clear wax and let it sit overnight.
This morning i threw it in the car, drove it back to The Whistling Elk where i finished it off by sanding for a distressed look and gilding it around the top edges with a little of the Annie Sloan kings gold wax which i also rubbed into the top then dry brushed the legs…you can never have too much gold!
It’s just too pretty now. I love the way it looks sitting on the oriental carpet.

Rich Damask Wallpaper transforms a little Powder Room

Just had a little powder room wallpapered in Thibaut Kenilworth…love the rich color and the damask pattern on the paper! I painted an old towel bar with Annie Sloan Primer Red and then brushed it with a little gold paint. It looks amazing. Since this powder room has a low ceiling i cannot put in crown molding so i am going to run a fabric cording around the top edge of the wall where it meets the ceiling…and i am thinking i will probably glaze the ceiling gold with sparkles. That will have to wait though until i get another day off.

I went a little crazy with the distressing

well, i might be done…

The Whistling Elk painting with Annie Sloan Chalk PaintI did really go crazy with the distressing…but i think i like it!

I used a little of the gilding wax on the hardware and on the drawer front.

You can never have too much gold!

The Whistling Elk painting with Anne Sloan Chalk Paint

Ooophs – i just couldn’t resist painting the insides of the drawers with Henrietta – Annie Sloan Chalk Paint –

its the sweetest lavendar!

I love the little Fleur de Lis detail smack in the middle…

every time i open this little drawer i know it will make me smile – yes! I am definitely done with this piece!

It’s a Wine Cabinet Makeover

Remember that black wine cabinet that i posted…well the makeover is almost done!

painting with annie sloan chalk paint

First coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint…Louis Blue and Louis Blue mixed with Pure White.

I left the inside black….liking the contrast!

Later I’ll distress it…

Say hello to my latest Annie Sloan Chalk Paint project

Say hellooooo to my latest painting project…

painting with annie sloan chalk paint

This little wine cabinet is my paint project for the next couple of days.

It’s really cute but i am going to make it even cuter!

Stay tuned for the results….

Attention to D-E-T-A-I-L

Still playing with the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint….

or maybe i should say still having fun with….

 Since i was not busy today and had some Gilding Wax I decided to play a little

so i used it on this small table as an accent color

and it turned out just lovely….

occasional table with gold accents
Gilding Wax kings gold on table

First i made a plan by looking the table over and deciding which architectural design details I wanted to call attention to.

Then I just worked in the gilding wax with a little stiff brush.

It was actually a very simple way to enhance the design of this table.

table with gilding wax edges

the table was already painted an antique white and distressed so all it needed was the gilding wax

to make it complete!

Then of course, once you start painting and you have the paint open it just naturally follows that you look around for something else to paint

So with wax open and a little sample of the Louis Gold Annie Sloan Chalk Paint i

decided to paint two little frames that had nice architectural details but were kind of boring in that they were both just a flat grey.

gilding wax on frame
frame with gilding wax brushed on edges

So i just brushed some gilding wax on it using a dry brush technique.  The gold just accentuated all the detail!

Gilding wax on frame
Frame painted with Annie Sloan Louis Gold Chalk Paint and Gilding Wax Kings Gold Accents

I decided to paint the inside area of this frame with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint – Louis Blue.

Then i dry brushed the edges with the Kings Gold Gilding Wax.

This one is my favorite – it looks so soft and elegant!

Frames painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Gilding Wax

A little paint, attention to detail and elbow grease (very little in this case) and these frames have a whole new look!