I guess my desk will never by the same

I havent been here for awhile…but it wasnt that i didnt want to be!
I have been crazy BUSY…
my desk looks like this almost every day now!
Ive been painting everything!

The first two paint workshops that we had here in early May only served to inspire me more…everyone was so creative. It was fun…so i have scheduled two more workshops one on June 13 and one on June 20th. Both will run from 5:30 to 8:30 pm…

Heres a little table that started out just plain white. Its wearing a coat of Versailles with some metallic gold trim. What a beautiful color. I crackled the top and clear/dark waxed the whole thing…LOVING.

I am awaiting a package from a new paint company…cant wait to get it to experiment. Its pretty cool and i am hoping to add it to the mix here. Stay tuned.

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