Attention to D-E-T-A-I-L

Still playing with the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint….

or maybe i should say still having fun with….

 Since i was not busy today and had some Gilding Wax I decided to play a little

so i used it on this small table as an accent color

and it turned out just lovely….

occasional table with gold accents
Gilding Wax kings gold on table

First i made a plan by looking the table over and deciding which architectural design details I wanted to call attention to.

Then I just worked in the gilding wax with a little stiff brush.

It was actually a very simple way to enhance the design of this table.

table with gilding wax edges

the table was already painted an antique white and distressed so all it needed was the gilding wax

to make it complete!

Then of course, once you start painting and you have the paint open it just naturally follows that you look around for something else to paint

So with wax open and a little sample of the Louis Gold Annie Sloan Chalk Paint i

decided to paint two little frames that had nice architectural details but were kind of boring in that they were both just a flat grey.

gilding wax on frame
frame with gilding wax brushed on edges

So i just brushed some gilding wax on it using a dry brush technique.  The gold just accentuated all the detail!

Gilding wax on frame
Frame painted with Annie Sloan Louis Gold Chalk Paint and Gilding Wax Kings Gold Accents

I decided to paint the inside area of this frame with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint – Louis Blue.

Then i dry brushed the edges with the Kings Gold Gilding Wax.

This one is my favorite – it looks so soft and elegant!

Frames painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Gilding Wax

A little paint, attention to detail and elbow grease (very little in this case) and these frames have a whole new look!

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