2018 Mark Roberts Fairies

Well, last week the Mark Roberts Fairies arrived on the scene!  As always they are adorable.  We have a selection out now for your viewing pleasure!

The Whistling Elk Chester NJ
Mark Roberts Collection 2018

This year Mark has introduced some new elves and they are beautiful!  They have weighted feet so they can stand alone anywhere which makes them even more fun.  Lots of great detail!

The Whistling Elk
Mark Roberts Fairies 2018

There are a couple of girl fairies again this year…this is Joyous Christmas and she has the most amazing skirt!

Chester NJ
Mark Roberts 2018 Fairy Collection

They are out now!  Come and see and choose yours!


A Treeful of Mark Roberts Fairies

How fun is a treeful of fairies?

christmas fairies
Mark Roberts Fairies

Fairies and lollipops adorn this tree at The Whistling Elk!

Christmas Fairies
Mark Roberts Christmas Fairies

First Frost, All Aboard and Xylophone Fairy are from the 2011 Mark Roberts Collection.

Christmas Fairies
A treeful of fairies

It’s hard to see Bah Humbug fairy in this picture – he’s hiding in the tree but you can sure see his sign!

In front of him is Dancin with the Stars Fairy and My Lucky Stars both very cute and colorful!

and sittin pretty in the tree is our very last Father Christmas Fairy….

Mark Roberts 2011 collection
Mark Roberts Father Christmas Fairy

Art Deco Fairy is riding high at the top of the tree!

Mark Roberts 2011 Collection
Mark Roberts Art Deco Fairy

Christmas Tree Fairy has a tree on his head…

he is hanging out near the tree with Chocolate Truffle Fairy!

Christmas Tree Fairy
Mark Roberts 2012 Christmas Tree Fairy

I love the the Christmas Lights Fairy….he is adorable and i love that the 9″ fairy is holding a string of lights!

2012 Mark Roberts Collection
Mark Roberts 2012 Christmas Lights Fairy

I think he might be my favorite this year…but i dont know yet because they have a tendancy to grow on you so i could change my mind at any time!

i do still like Bling Bling with his handful of pearls…

Mark Roberts Collection
Mark Roberts Bling Bling Fairy

i guess i have the rest of the year to decide!

Mark Roberts Christmas Fairies are here yet again!

Mark Roberts Fairies have taken over the sales floor!

They always appear at The Whistling Elk this time of year adding sparkle and happiness to our home design shop!

This cute guy dancing on one foot is the Happy Halloween Fairy.

Christmas Fairy
Mark Roberts Happy Halloween Fairy

They are so cute….here’s Northwoods Fairy sporting fur for 2012!

Mark Roberts 2012 Northwoods Fairy
Mark Roberts 2012 Northwoods Fairy

The Gingerbread Fairy from the 2011 collection was so adorable that we have him again this year.

Mark Roberts 2011 Christmas Fairy Collection
Mark Roberts 2011 Gingerbread Fairy

The Ice Capades Fairy 2012 is all dressed in White with Gold accents.

Mark Roberts Ice Capades Fairy
Mark Roberts 2012 Ice Capades Fairy

The Pixie is holding an ornament and trying to climb the Fairy Showcase!

Wrapper Magic Pixie
Mark Roberts 2011 Wrapper Magic Pixie

Doestn’t he have the sweetest face?

The Holly Leaf Pixie has a devilish face…he is looking for trouble i think.

Holly Leaf Pixie Mark Roberts Collection 2011
Mark Roberts Holly Leaf Pixie

The Pastry Magicv Pixie is one of the few “girl” fairies in Mark’s Collection.  She looks guilty here like she just ate all the pastry!

Mark Roberts 2011 Collection
Mark Roberts 2011 Pastry Magic Pixie

 The Peppermint Dreams Fairy is in Mark’s “Large” size….so he is 20″ tall.  Love his expression!

Mark Roberts Peppermint Dreams Fairy
Mark Roberts 2012 Peppermint Dreams Fairy

That little guy on the bottom right of the picture is Sleighbell…

Uh oh…Group Shot!

Mark Roberts Christmas Fairies
Group Shot Christmas Fairies

So lets see starting from the top left its Chocolate Truffle, Christmas Wishes, Drummer Boy Fairy (saluting) and by the way he has the cutest ears…

then comes Christmas in Tuscany, Peppermint Dreams, and on the bottom from the left is
Violinist Fairy, Tinsel Time,  and Lollipop (2011).

There are so many more!  I am trying to decide which is my favorite this year.

They are all so colorful and detailed.  As always very Special!

The Whistling Elk goes Mobile

THE WHISTLING ELK is adding a New Service

If you Love the Shop  and want to receive special discounts and save on gasoline…well, now you can




You invite your friends for a fun shopping evening…

We bring lots of Whistling Elk merchandise to your home…

The more your friends buy the more you save!!!


Here’s a photo blog showing some of the products you can bring in for your exciting trunk show!

LoLLia fragrance
LoLLia Perfume, Creme, Soap, Bath Gel

LoLLia is a line of fragranced personal products including soap, bath gel, perfume, bubble bath and shea butter handcreme.

It makes a great gift and we have 6 different scents!

Shelley Kyle Fragrance
Shelley Kyle Perfume Cream Powder HandSoap Scrub

Shelley Kyle makes amazing perfumes.  We love them!  There is also body creme, shimmer powder, handsoap and a dynamite body scrub.

We love the various scents – my favorite is McClendon which is a citrus based deliciously light fragrance.   Mmmmmm

Silverplate scoop, picks, cheese sets
Silverplate Accessories

We have carried silverplate serving accessories in the shop for many many years.

 Our most popular sellers are the cheese sets, ice scoops, tart servers and cocktail picks.

We usually pair these up with our beautiful french tea towels and Tea Forte teas – making a great gift!

LoLLia Scented Candles
LoLLia Scented Candles

LoLLia recently introduced these wonderful candles.  There are many different scents and the packaging is beautiful….

I am addicted to the one called “Another Quiet Day” – it is sitting in my living room and the scent actually wafts thru

the room without my even having to light it!  Fabulous!

Kennebunk Home throw blankets
Kennebunk Home Throw Blankets

Our throw blankets are a best seller for us!  Everyone loves them….there are lots of colors and styles.

 They are warm but light – very luxurious and drape beautifully.   I cannot live without at least three or four in my living room.

La Vie Parisienne Jewelry by Catherine Popesco
La Vie Parisienne Jewelry by Catherine Popesco

We have quite a collection of La Vie Parisienne jewelry.  It is well priced and made using antique Parisian molds so the chains are verry interesting and

elaborate.  Lots of charms, crystals and ooh la la style.  Their use of enamel is beautifully done.   It’s a very special line!

Love, love, love

Random House Gift Books Common Ground Books
Punch Studio Notebooks Random House Gift Books

Inexpensive gift books are sprinkled thoughout our shop.  Along with beautiful little note pads.

It’s the thought that counts!

Lampe Berger Home Fragrance
Lampe Berger Home Fragrance

Lampe Berger !!!  What could be better than fragrancing your home with a product that also acts as an air purifier?

The lampes are beautiful and the scents too numerous to mention….a must for every home.

Lampe Berger Home Fragrance
Lampe Berger Home Fragrance Lampes
Lothantique perfume, pillow mist
Lothantique Fragrances Emelie et Melanie Que de l’amour

I am enchanted by pillow mist….even since i discovered it.  Its so wonderful to float off to sleep with a soft fragrance.

We carry Lothantique, Emelie and Melanie and a special bottled Lavendar….

I AM Fragrances
I AM Fragrances by Danica

I AM fragrances are a fun new addition to our product mix….

Lots of  different scents with fun names….they are sure to give you a giggle and will fit nicely into any size purse.

Christmas Fairies
Mark Roberts Christmas Fairy Collection

Mark Roberts Fairies are unique.  Charming.  You will find them irresistible!

We have a HUGE collection!

So,  you can decide what you’d like to include for your home party – trunk show.  We’ll mix it up and present it beautifully for you and your friends!

Decorated to a “T”

We always close on Halloween and decorate for Christmas…its our tradition!

I always enjoy taking out all the new merchandise – you see we buy it in January and it ships to us in June…

we open it, price it and then have to put it away until Halloween!  Then we bring it all out and voila –  its Christmas!

I love all the glitter and the rich colors.

I always buy a lot of little trees.  Somehow they just appeal to me and i guess you

can just put them anywhere so they are fun to decorate with.

This year we have a lot s different colors and styles….reds, greens, golds and even some beautiful silver

trees which i will post soon…

Our Mark Roberts Fairies, Sprites  and Santas  are taking over the shop

such charming little devils!

This fellow is the Father Christmas Santa.  He is so elegant – we just love his beautiful coat.  He is actually a

2010 Limited Edition Mark Roberts Santa but we brought him back this year.

Such amazing details!

This little charmer is the Christmas Gathering Fairy and he is also from the Mark Roberts

Limited Edition 2010 collection.  But dont worry we have almost all the 2011 Fairies

too….i will be posting pictures of them hanging out in the shop!

I have been buying Mark Roberts Fairies since around 1997…and i must say they just keep

getting cuter.