A Treeful of Mark Roberts Fairies

How fun is a treeful of fairies?

christmas fairies
Mark Roberts Fairies

Fairies and lollipops adorn this tree at The Whistling Elk!

Christmas Fairies
Mark Roberts Christmas Fairies

First Frost, All Aboard and Xylophone Fairy are from the 2011 Mark Roberts Collection.

Christmas Fairies
A treeful of fairies

It’s hard to see Bah Humbug fairy in this picture – he’s hiding in the tree but you can sure see his sign!

In front of him is Dancin with the Stars Fairy and My Lucky Stars both very cute and colorful!

and sittin pretty in the tree is our very last Father Christmas Fairy….

Mark Roberts 2011 collection
Mark Roberts Father Christmas Fairy

Art Deco Fairy is riding high at the top of the tree!

Mark Roberts 2011 Collection
Mark Roberts Art Deco Fairy

Christmas Tree Fairy has a tree on his head…

he is hanging out near the tree with Chocolate Truffle Fairy!

Christmas Tree Fairy
Mark Roberts 2012 Christmas Tree Fairy

I love the the Christmas Lights Fairy….he is adorable and i love that the 9″ fairy is holding a string of lights!

2012 Mark Roberts Collection
Mark Roberts 2012 Christmas Lights Fairy

I think he might be my favorite this year…but i dont know yet because they have a tendancy to grow on you so i could change my mind at any time!

i do still like Bling Bling with his handful of pearls…

Mark Roberts Collection
Mark Roberts Bling Bling Fairy

i guess i have the rest of the year to decide!

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