Decorated to a “T”

We always close on Halloween and decorate for Christmas…its our tradition!

I always enjoy taking out all the new merchandise – you see we buy it in January and it ships to us in June…

we open it, price it and then have to put it away until Halloween!  Then we bring it all out and voila –  its Christmas!

I love all the glitter and the rich colors.

I always buy a lot of little trees.  Somehow they just appeal to me and i guess you

can just put them anywhere so they are fun to decorate with.

This year we have a lot s different colors and styles….reds, greens, golds and even some beautiful silver

trees which i will post soon…

Our Mark Roberts Fairies, Sprites  and Santas  are taking over the shop

such charming little devils!

This fellow is the Father Christmas Santa.  He is so elegant – we just love his beautiful coat.  He is actually a

2010 Limited Edition Mark Roberts Santa but we brought him back this year.

Such amazing details!

This little charmer is the Christmas Gathering Fairy and he is also from the Mark Roberts

Limited Edition 2010 collection.  But dont worry we have almost all the 2011 Fairies

too….i will be posting pictures of them hanging out in the shop!

I have been buying Mark Roberts Fairies since around 1997…and i must say they just keep

getting cuter.

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