Today is the LITTLE PARIS Grand Opening Party

It may be cold and windy outside today

but it is warm and beautiful and cozy inside Little Paris….and today is the big day!


We put a pretty christmas tree in

our Paris B oudoir decorated in pinks, blues and silvery garlands!

We’ll be serving champage, madeleines and petite palmiers

tonight at the Party.  Ooh la la!

The Bling Bling Fairy from Mark Roberts 2010 Fairy Collection

 sits atop our tree clutching his handful of pearls and sparkly jewels!

2 thoughts on “Today is the LITTLE PARIS Grand Opening Party

  1. Hi Barb, It was nice talking with you today! I do miss NJ and my days of stopping in to your store. I am happy to see that you are going strong…your store is so beautiful and I don’t think I will find anything like it here in California. I guess thats one of those trade-offs in life!
    Madeline Rooney

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