My custom cabinetmaker is amazing

We moved the custom cabinet that i had built into the shop several years ago from the old shop into the new Whistling Elk shop…this piece is 8′ high and 17′ long…
This was another important part of my store opening plan – i wanted this piece to move with me because i use it every day to sell custom cabinetry and furniture.
It’s a major sales tool for my interior design business.

It is a great showcase for our picture frames and all my design books! Plus since it has 17′ of cabinets under the bookcase it provides much needed storage space.

My cabinetmaker took the built in apart, he and his helper carried the components over to the new shop (20 ft) and then they reassembled it! The whole process took him 4 hours! So not only can he build beautiful pieces – but he can move them and they still look Beautiful – that’s pretty amazing if you ask me!

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