It’s Never too Late to Say “Hello, Beautiful Artwork”

Well, today I received a much anticipated shipment of new art!  I have been waiting for it to arrive for about 2 weeks (chewing my fingernails off actually).  One of the pieces (the Lady in Black) is sold and I wanted it to show up for my customer who wanted it for Christmas…talk about cutting it close!

I am so relieved that it is here for her!

Below is a sampling of the artwork…the Lady in Red is a new giclee that I have not had before…she is beautiful and the red is vibrant!

Artwork at The Whistling Elk

Lady in Red

Here’s the Lady in Black….she is sooo beautiful…but say goodbye because she will be leaving tonight!

Chester NJ

Lady in Black

The Lady in White in the photo below is another new girl…

She has the most beautiful crystals in her dress!  Gorgeous!

The Whistling Elk has beautiful artwork

Lady in White

Sorry about the reflection of legs in the photo…(heehee)….I took these in a hurry!  The background is actually a very lovely brown/gold haze.

I still love the Tuscan art….so there is some of that too!  This a a lovely earthy giclee that draws you right in to the alley…it’s quite large…35 by 47 long.

The Whistling Elk has beautiful artwork

Tuscan Alley

A set of two beautiful French Gates….here’s one.

Artwork at The Whistling Elk

French Gate with Crystals

Quite a few smaller prints which are very elegant…

The Whistling Elk

Collage of French Symbols

The Whistling Elk

Recessed Print with Damask Mat

The Whistling Elk, Chester NJ

Elegant Bath Scene with Tub and Chandelier

Enjoy! and come by to see it all in person…it’s much more beautiful than my quick photographs make it appear!

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1 Response to It’s Never too Late to Say “Hello, Beautiful Artwork”

  1. says:

    Hi Barb,

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas holiday with your family. Oh this artwork is so beautiful… wish I had room for every single piece. The wall opposite my beautiful lady in black is empty and I think the lady in white would fit perfect. Could you please send me the dimensions, the piece appears to be wide vs. long which would be ideal. And also let me know the price please. If the dimensions work, I will put a check in the mail and you can either mark this one sold or order another… which ever works best for you.

    In my mind I’m trying to either rearrange my family room walls or take down a piece to accommodate the beautiful Tuscany arch piece… brings back wonderful memories of Italy.

    Will definitely plan on taking a day off to drive in and see you once you get back from your family holiday.

    Take to you soon. Love you … Gerri


    Gerri Jaye
    Director, North America Resources Contract Management
    Direct: (302) 830-6830
    Mobile: (973) 479-7314
    Fax: (216) 535-6252

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