Details, details…

I find myself thinking incessantly about all the details that i have to oversee to accomplish the opening of the new shop, and planning like crazy – writing orders, making timelines, overseeing each piece of the project so no detail gets lost in the shuffle…here are some favorite details of mine.

my photoThese two doors are attached to a great console cabinet.
my photoThis is a such a pretty stenciled door – i am trying to figure out how to remove it and put it in the new space.

veranda magazine april 2011
Love the boiserie style molding on the walls!
Source: Veranda Magazine April 2011

my photoCrowning detail on a 9′ bookcase.

joanna innes
from Joanna Innes "The New Paint Magic"

Love the way this armoire is painted…completely makes it amazing.
Source: Joanna Innes The New Paint Magic

my photoLove the lacey look of the orchids.

my photoAn old shutter nailed to the wall is a great backdrop for this corner.

my photoThis vanity is very pretty with a soft muted gold painted molding.

my photoOh just love this old chandelier and the beaded shades give it just the right touch.

my photo

my photoThe lionhead gives this old looking urn just a little something more.

my photoSweet tray of trinkets.

my photo
my photoA simple stencil makes this lampshade more special.

my photoThis pretty beadingis attached to the most amazing lamp shade.

Hope you enjoyed these details as much as i do!

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