Courage to make a change


A friend was incredulous that i was starting a new business in these turbulent times. It got me thinking….and reminiscing.  When i started my first business i really had absolutely no idea what i was getting into (i didnt actually know that at the time…it hit me later when i realized how lucky i was to still be in business). What i do know is that i did follow my heart….and i had a lot of luck!

It took a year of planning and a lot of courage to actually quit my job and head out into the unknown land of no paycheck…and it took an act of fate.  That act of fate was a simple thing – a budget revision…but just one too many.   I remember marching into the boss’ office and giving two weeks notice.  It was a good decision.

At the time it was like opening a door…



A beautiful door to open…

That was 22 years ago and it occurs to me now that i have never looked back.  The first business took a full year to plan – this new one took shape almost instantaneously.  Oh, my!  As to the economic climate….i look at this new business as a way forward, like hedging a bet.  The current business will  be the incubator but then they will work in conjunction with each other quite nicely.

Just got the new biz card…its so exciting!

Coming Soon!

So I am wrapped up in details as i posted recently but i know that in my mind they are already worked out.

But, i am ready to walk thru another beautiful door….



This whole process is an amazing gift.   To be immersed in something new is a truly wonderful and rejuvenating experience.

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