Make a design statement with a beautiful mirror!

Yesterday we brought some beautiful mirrors onto the shop floor (I should say lugged as they were very heavy…the detail is amazing though!  Always worth the trouble!

The picture above is a catalog picture so we snapped a few other photos after depositing it in its new home in the shop.  The iron top is so pretty – very simple yet elegant.
This one doesnt look that great in the catalog photo yet in person its beautiful and it would make a great leaner mirror at 73″ high.  The picture below is the same mirror where we leaned it in the shop.
The mirror below is one that truly has presence…the frame is so wide and the ornamentation so regal.



Here it is in the shop – leaning at 60″ high it reflects everything around it! 


Ok i know this one seems  small after all those big ones but it really is a beauty too.

I cant wait to put this one in the Paris Boudoir on the little skirted Dressing table. 

We didnt get this one but i included it cause its a favorite and it will probably be here again soon!

Mirrors truly make a room more beautiful and we love making a design statement with them.

One thought on “Make a design statement with a beautiful mirror!

  1. I totally agree — the very first mirror is beautiful! While the top is ornate, the simplicity of the main frame allows you to work it into various design styles. I tend to go for more modern/contemporary, but could easily incorporate this in any eclectic design. Best regards, DPC.

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