Lampe Berger Creates Mood at The Whistling Elk

fragrance lamps
The Whistliing Elk New Lampe Berger Display

If you shop at The Whistling Elk then you know how much we love Lampe Berger. When you enter the shop the first thing you will often notice is the great scent that wafts thru the air…mmmmm Of course its our Lampe Berger! Three things can really improve a design space – beauty for the eye, good music for the ear and scent for the nose – pleasing the eyes, ears and nose will create a design mood that makes you happy!

Lampe Berger Air Purifier System
Lampe Berger at The Whistling Elk

Check out our beautiful new display for this fabulous product. Lampe Berger was kind enough to send this new fixture to showcase their product…It’s amazing how the lampes sparkle under the lighting – the only thing better than how beautiful the lampes look is the fact that they purify the air and scent it!!!!

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