Do It Yourself Drapes at The Whistling Elk Oh My!

The Whistling Elk designs beautiful drapes
Rod Pocket Drapes

For many years the 1st floor of my home was bathed in jewel tones…very rich.  In January I had the 1st floor painted Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray which I am loving.  But it is a whole new ballgame now!  Fortunately for me all the furniture works (and that’s good because I love every piece I have and would not give any of it up!!!).  The  drapes  in my Breakfast Room had to go though.  I didn’t want to spend a fortune on replacing them right now…so I confess I made them.  Now I am a girl with a workroom and a taste for very beautiful expensive fabric and trim so this is a real departure for me to admit that I did this…Oh my!  and worse yet I can sew beautifully!  Oh oh my!

I bought some very inexpensive fabric in a soft gray slubby solid that drapes beautifully.   I measured then cut four panels from the fabric, got out my trusty iron and used glue tape to hem all around…then turned over the top to form a pocket and glued that down with the tape…Oh my!  It took me about 3 hours to make all four and cost me about $100.  Oh my!

They are simple rod pocket drapes, unlined and will not last like the ones that I could have had my workroom make for me…but that’s ok cause if I get tired of them I can throw them away without guilt.  Oh my!  They are quite elegant draping nicely with a couple inches of break on the floor.  I am loving them!

This is a Do It Yourself success.   I am thinking of having a workshop on this…no kidding!  Oh my!

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