Paint Your Furniture – Workshops at The Whistling Elk

furniture paint workshop at The Whistling Elk
Paint Couture

We are having 2 paint workshops at The Whistliing Elk in August…can’t wait to see what the participants paint up this time!

We will be painting with Paint Couture and glazing…and stenciling and gold leafing!

First Workshop – Wednesday, August 14  – 6 pm to 8 pm –  covers the basics of working with Paint Couture – learn to paint one and two color finishes, glazing and finishing.  $75

Second Workshop –  Thursday, August 15 – 6 pm to 8 pm – covers distressing techniques, glazing, finishing, stenciling and gold leafing.  $75

If you attend both workshops you will receive $25 off your workshop fee.

The workshop fees cover the instruction, materials, studio time and a free paint sample (your choice of color).

So get out your apron and get ready for some FUN!!!!  And bring a friend!

Space is limited so call and make your reservation today.

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