Creativity Rocks! at The Whistling Elk’s Paint Couture Furniture Paint Workshop

Last night we had Part One of our Furniture Paint Workshop with Paint Couture paints, glazes and finishes.  It’s always such fun to see what will be created during the evening!!

Furniture Paint Workshops at The Whistling Elk in Chester NJ
Paint Couture Paints and glazes

These pretty little samples were created with lots of product…the top sample is Barbados Blue under Italian Ivory – distressed – then glazed with brilliant white.  Then a tiny bit of verde glaze was added into the crevices – very subtle.

The bottom sample is Australian Amber under Italian Ivory and distressed.  Then it was glazed with copperhead..after some dry time we highlighted certain areas with French gilding wax.  This sample was finished with Satin Topcoat for a nice sheen.

Tonight we are having Part Two of the Workshop…stay tuned!  We will be doing some washes, gilding and stenciling.  Oooh la la.

If you are considering attending a workshop the next set of two classes will be Sept 11 & 12…don’t forget to call and register!

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