Once a blogger always a blogger!

I have been neglecting my blog mostly because I started a new blog for the town that my shop is located in – the new blog is called chesterstreettalk and the blog is about everything that goes on here in this little town of Chester NJ

Its a lot of fun to work on this but of course it is another thing that eats into my time!  So today I am back on my own territory blogging about my shop – hurray!  Once a blogger always a blogger….I feel like I will always keep coming back!

I have been painting as I have a  couple of custom furniture paint projects right now  and running workshops with Paint Couture and getting my shop ready for the fall … holiday season which is now upon us!

Currently I am painting in a customer’s home hard at work making a very contemporary piece look as uncontemporary as possible…It’s a challenge but I think it will be very pretty when complete.  My other project is a piece that the customer dropped off at the shop for painting.  Curiously enough both pieces are being painted black with gold accents!  The piece in the shop is a drop leaf table and I am going to stencil a beautiful gold design on top!  Cant wait for that part.

When I am not painting I am starting to organize the shop for the season…lots of pretty little ornaments and bling-bling is starting to appear everywhere in the shop.

the whistling elk decorative accessories
stack of decoupaged books and bling bling birdie

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