Custom Painted Furniture – A Personal Preview for You Gerri!

Sadly I must paint out this beautiful handpainted artwork…

Paint Couture at The Whistling Elk
handpainted floral artwork

this little drop leaf table was painted by my mom for a customer about 15 years ago (i think)…

Paint Couture at the whistling elk
Custom Furniture Painting

this piece is going to be re-done in basic black with pearls….just kidding!  It’s going to be Paint Couture Baltic black with gold accents/stenciling on top…then we are going to distress and glaze it to deepen the finish…its going to be amazingi….

here is a little personal preview for you Gerri – this is the first coat of black with all the edges knocked off and sanded to smooth!

The Whistling Elk Chester NJ
Custom Furniture Painting

Getting ready for 2nd coat of Paint Couture and then gold design work….can’t wait!

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