Antique Table with refractory leaves has beautiful surface grain

this is the beautiful table that i was using for a cash wrap prior to the kitchen island showing up yesterday…

it is probably a crime that i was using this amazing piece for my desk.

it was always loaded with paper and catalogs and being used to wrap gifts….

i certainly did not do it justice.  it needs to sit majestically somewhere….a treasured piece of home decor!

quarter sawn oak top table
refractory table antique circa 1880

Now it will have a new life…

I have cleaned it off and placed it on the sales floor with its very own chair…i Brie waxed the top so it gleams.

the top grain is so beautiful and though it may be old it still looks amazing.

The legs make a  spectacular architectural statement too.

the table opens from 57″ to 110″  – its refractory leaves pull out of each side with a gentle tug

 it’s really just too pretty!

just the kind of piece an interior designer could build a room around!

Its the kind of once in a lifetime piece that i really wish i could just take home!

antique refractory table

it is an antique circa 1880 and i bought it for the shop because i thought the graining of the wood top

was the prettiest i’d seen…and i still love it!

antique table circa 1880

Nobody is allowed to put anything more on it!  (i think that means me).

  I just want to admire it while its still here!

2 thoughts on “Antique Table with refractory leaves has beautiful surface grain

  1. That is gorgeous!
    It looks very much like my dining room table.
    We had searched for nearly 2 years for the perfect table and finally found it in an antique shop.
    If only this little beauty weren’t so far away, I would be adding it too!

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