New Shipment of Wall Art and Prints at The Whistling Elk

A truck just pulled up with some gorgeous new art on board.

I pulled out some of it  and photographed it for you….and now it will join the other art in the shop and BE ON SALE at 20% OFF.

How great is that?

art at The Whistling Elk

This is a set of four different gates.  They are 20″ squares and work well together or even alone.  The details on the gates make them best sellers!

Chandelier Print with Crystals in antique silver frame
Chandelier Print at The Whistling Elk

This print is amazing…it is hard to see in the picture but the entire chandelier is set with clear and amber Swarovski crystals.  It is BEAUTIFUL!

Silver leaf Frames with crystals embedded in the prints
Birdcage and Perfume Label Prints at The Whistling Elk

These prints are a great size for decorating because they will fit in many places and perk it up!

Golf Prints at The Whistling Elk

These golf prints are a little departure for me…but they are a great shape and very vibrant…they make me want to go golfing right now…

set of three golf prints
Golf Giglee at Whistling Elk

Art is a great design tool, every interior has many walls – all crying out to be filled with pictures and prints that make you smile!

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