Paint Couture Gives a Foyer Table New Life at The Whistling Elk

Here is a “before” picture of a table I have been working on in a customer’s home for the last week.  It seems I almost always forget to take the before picture until I am almost done painting the first coat…

Paint Couture Baltic Black painted foyer table

Furniture Painting at The Whistling Elk

It was just easier to paint on her foyer table there than to transport it back and forth to the shop.  It’s a beautiful old square table with nice architecture that was originally painted white and then antiqued.  After a move across country the color didn’t work in the new home so I suggested painting it with Paint Couture Baltic Black and then adding gold accents and a Paint Couture Satin Finish.

It was perfect…I  went and painted the first coat of paint on Monday  – then returned on Wednesday to paint the second coat.  This gave the paint ample time to dry and set up in this really humid weather.  Then on Friday I went and put the gold accents on the table and applied the Satin finish coat.  Today I went and applied a 2nd coat of satin finish to the top and voila I am finis!

I think you will agree that it is amazing.  The black made it more formal which is in keeping with the foyer that is its new home.  And the lovely puppy in the picture did not get one hair into the paint!!!!

Paint Couture at The Whistling Elk

Foyer Table Painted with Paint Couture Baltic Black

furniture painting at The Whistling Elk

Paint Couture Baltic Black with Gold Accents painted at The Whistling Elk

The gold just dazzles.  I applied the gold a little unevenly and used two different golds to contribute to the worn look of the edge…and I love the Satin finish as it gives a slightly transitional feeling to the piece.  What a great sheen it produced!

This is a great example of how reinvent a piece of furniture when you move and have to redo your home design with the furniture you already own!  Paint Couture is the star here!

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4 Responses to Paint Couture Gives a Foyer Table New Life at The Whistling Elk

  1. Jill says:

    Looks terrific!

  2. Patty says:

    Hi Barb,
    Wow! Just beautiful and so inspiring. Looking forward to your painting class this week.
    My best,

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