Contemporary Console goes Traditional….via Custom Painting

I am working in a dining room in which we are effecting a transition from very contemporary to a more traditional room.  We decided to paint the contemporary console to make it feel more traditional….

It is finished but there is a piece of glass that lays across the top and rests on the two higher ends of the piece.  We’re going to let this piece cure for a couple of days before we put the glass and accessories back on top!

Paint Couture at The Whistling Elk in Chester nj
Contemporary console custom painted to change the “look”

The console was an extremely high gloss black/cherry finish much like that you would find on a piano.  First we cleaned it really well with TSP, then painted a first coat of Paint Couture Baltic Black.  A couple of days later it got its 2nd coat of the black and then a couple of days after that the piece was stenciled then distressed by sanding off  all the edges and flat surface so some of the cherry color came thru in places.

You will note that every time I work on this piece I let it sit a couple of days.  This isn’t necessary as you need only wait 24 hours between coats of product….however as I am painting this piece in the client’s home (its very heavy) I had to schedule myself for this time away from my shop.  I also figured since the original finish was soooo high gloss that a little extra cure time would only be an asset.

After the 2nd coat of black the piece was stenciled and distressed.

It was glazed with Paint Couture Black Walnut and then finished with a Paint Couture Satin Topcoat.

Custom Furniture Painting at The Whistling Elk
Top of hand painted console

I plan to go visit it in a couple of days to see how it is doing and then we will finish up the details in the room!

At The Whistling Elk we offer classes so that you too can paint your furniture….we use Paint Couture products which are wonderful.  There are so many paint and glaze colors to choose from and the topcoats are fabulous.  I also used Paint Couture pale and rich gold to give my stencil dimension.  Call for class schedules and details and to register!

It’s so much fun and very rewarding!

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