This is Good Painting Weather!

This morning when I left my street looked verrry pretty…but it made me have to stay home yesterday….grrr…

My commute

…and tomorrow it looks like more of the same is coming.  Tonight I am taking my Paint Couture home with me.

Today I experimented with some sign making…using my Paint Couture!™ Embossing Medium – I think I will bring the rest home with me tonight just in case Mother Nature decides to strand me again!

The Whistling Elk Paint Workshops
Embossing Medium from Paint Couture!™

In early January I had some sign blanks made up just for this kind of occasion!  Previously I painted some of them with Peace – today I embossed a stencil and coated the whole thing with Brilliant White.


3 thoughts on “This is Good Painting Weather!

  1. I love it! I want to make some signs, I have been thinking about it for awhile. Great job, you are very inspiring 🙂

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