It Pays To Be Prepared on a Snow Day

Chester NJ

and I did get snow/iced in yesterday!  Sigh…but I was prepared!  I painted almost all day – a little snow wasn’t going to keep me down!

Chester NJ
Snow/Ice Storm…

So previously I had painted two coats of Paint Couture on my signs…then I stenciled a background design on some of them and distressed it so it was faint.  I used Paint Couture’s Embossing medium over top and stenciled on different Paris configurations.

Chester NJ
Paris signs at The Whistling Elk before glazing

Later after blowdrying the Embossing Medium with my hairdryer I used Glaze Couture!™ or Brilliant White to glaze over the entire sign.  I am not finished with these yet though…I may apply a second glaze to some of them (like verde over the blue sign) and I know I am going to use the Paint Couture Gilding Wax to enhance them…when I do I will post the finished product!


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