Madagascar Mocha Pairs Up Nicely with Glaze Couture!™

The Whistling Elk Chester NJ

Here are my Paint Sticks showcasing Paint Couture!™  Madagascar Mocha with various Glaze Couture!™ finishes on top!

The Whistling Elk Chester NJ
Paint Couture!™ Madagascar Mocha with various Glaze Couture!™ finishes

The glazes used (left to right):  Little Black Dress (Metallic) with the left edge glazed again with Micki’s Magic, Baltic Black over Madagascar with Black Walnut Glaze, Black Walnut Glaze, Micki’s Magic (Accessory Paint),  Lite Brown Sugar, Red Mahogany, Verde Glaze, Copperhead Glaze, Champagne Glaze, Zinc, Brilliant White (Metallic Paint).

I used the same design for these sticks as my other posts…that is the end of the stick is the Mocha with just glaze over it, then the next area is mocha-lacquer matte-glaze, the next area is just mocha-lacquer matte and the top of the stick is the mocha alone.

The Whistling Elk and Paint Couture
Little Black Dress – Black Walnut over Baltic Black/Madagascar Mocha – Black Walnut Glaze over Mocha

I prepared an extra paint stick this time showing Madagascar Mocha with Baltic Black…wet and dry distressed on top – then the Lacquer Couture Matte and Black Walnut Glaze…I like this combo a lot! I like the aged woody warmth the Black Walnut gives to the sample (its the middle stick above).

On the topmost stick above with the Little Black Dress (metallic black paint) over the Madagascar Mocha I coated the outside edge with Micki’s Magic just to see what it would do over the Madagascar Mocha/Little Black Dress.  This was just an experiment that shows how many different directions you can go with this paint by layering glazes.

Below is shown a grouping I am calling my “red/brown tone” collection of glazes over Madagascar Mocha….left to right Micki’s Magic – Red Mahogany – Lite Brown Sugar – Copperhead.  They almost give the appearance of wood stains.

The Whistling Elk and Paint Couture Chester NJ
Paint Couture Madagascar Mocha with various glazes

These paint sticks are really invaluable when you are looking at a color and wondering what it could look like or when you are trying to relate a paint color to something else that is going to live near it…  Sometimes it is even surprising when a glaze color that you don’t  think will look good does…these sticks are such a invaluable visual tool!

The Whistling Elk Furniture Painting Workshops
Paint Couture Madagascar Mocha with Glazes

This last grouping shows Verde, Champagne, Brilliant White (metallic paint) and Zinc.  Although the metallic don’t always translate well in the photos the Champagne and Brilliant White are beautiful over the Mocha.

But that is not surprising because I have loved everything I have put the Champagne or Brilliant White over…

At The Whistling Elk we offer Paint Workshops…learn how to use this amazing paint to paint your furniture and accessories and create works of art!

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