Well, It’s Snowing Yet Again…So I am Painting…Yet Again!

French Polynesian Pink

Paint Couture at The Whistling Elk in Chester NJ
Paint Couture!™ French Polynesian Pink with Various Glazes

This beautiful,  vibrant color was the perfect choice to be painting on Valentine’s Day…its  just perfect!

For these Paint Stick Samples I used Glaze Couture!™ Verde, Black Walnut, Lite Brown Sugar, Champagne, Zinc, Copperhead and Red Mahogany.  I glazed 2 sticks with  Brilliant White Paint and then put Red  Mahogany glaze over the Brilliant White on one of them to show a layered glaze effect.

The last paint stick I coated with Micki’s Magic (an accessory paint).  I love the Micki’s Magic over the French Polynesian Pink – it adds so much dimension and variation – like a shimmering rainbow of color!

I think that a very sheer coat of Brilliant White under any of the glazes would create a beautiful specialty finish.


Glaze Couture at The Whistling Elk
Paint Couture!™ Angelic with various glazes

For these Paint Stick Samples I used Glaze Couture!™ Lite Brown Sugar, Red Mahogany, Verde, Black Walnut and Copperhead.  On these paint sticks I glazed and wiped off. I used the Champagne Glaze but with this one I glazed the piece twice and as is often the case with Champagne I did not wipe it off.  I also painted two coats of Micki’s Magic on the paint stick sample.

Paint Workshops at the Whistling Elk Chester NJ
Paint Couture Brilliant White and Zinc combinations

I did one paint stick with zinc glaze and 2 sticks with Brilliant White.  On one of these Brilliant White paint sticks I applied Zinc over it.  You probably cant really see it in the photo but this sample with the triple treatment is my favorite – it’s very rich and has a lot of depth to it. (its the one in the middle)

Paint Couture is such a great product for all those paint projects you have around your home!  And, its a lot of fun on these snowy winter days when you are stuck inside!

Don’t forget we offer great workshops at The Whistling Elk and will teach you how to create a beautiful piece of furniture using Paint Couture!™ products.

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