Li’l Painted Wine Cabinet

Sweet Li’l  Wine Cabinet…its so cute…it could only be better if it were filled with an amazing and delicious array of wines…

The Whistling Elk, Chester NJ

Wine Cabinet finished with Paint Couture!™

Painted Wine Cabinet

Paint Couture Painted Furniture

Love the rich color which is a blue glazed with Glaze Couture!™ VERDE and some distressed gold accents.

Chester NJ painted furniture

Paint Couture!™ at The Whistling Elk

A little inside Surprise!

Join one of our Paint Workshops at The Whistling Elk and learn how to paint something devine!

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2 Responses to Li’l Painted Wine Cabinet

  1. alicia says:

    It’s beautiful. I love the stencils and the attention paid to the inside of the drawer!

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