10 Ways to Make Peace!

The Whistling Elk Paint Workshop

First it snowed, now its really cold…grrr…but it is perfect weather to stay indoors and PAINT!

I used my snow/cold downtime to paint up some samples…with Paint Couture!™ thereby creating 10 Ways to Make Peace!

The Whistling Elk Paint Workshops
Paint Couture!™ Peace with 7 glazes and 3 paints on top!

step one…paint two coats of peace on paint sticks (24 hours between all coats)

step two…taped off and painted a section with Paint Couture Lacquer Matte.

step three…chose 7 Glaze Couture colors:  Lite Brown Sugar, Champagne, Red Mahogany, Black Walnut, Copperhead, Zinc, Verde – and three accessory metallic paints:  silver star, micki’s magic and brilliant white

step four…applied the glazes over a portion of the lacquered stick and a portion of the “Peace” only section

VOILA Beautiful Paint Sticks showing Peace (alone) – Peace with Lacquer Matte – Peace with a Glaze over the Lacquer Matte and Peace with a Glaze

This way you get to see how the glaze looks over lacquer (not to mention how nicely it slides on) and how it looks over the un-lacquered paint!

I love these!

4 thoughts on “10 Ways to Make Peace!

    1. Alicia, I just love working with this paint. I cant wait to get the rubs so I can put some on the edges of some the sticks!
      I hope you all have fun at the advanced paint class!

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