Top 10 Reasons Why Paint Couture!™ is the Best Furniture/Cabinet Paint Available!

The Whistling Elk

Ok, I admit right upfront that I am prejudiced because as a painter this is my paint of choice but for all the reasons I list…you just gotta love this Paint!  Here’s why:

Top 10 reasons why Paint Couture!™ is the best Furniture/Cabinet Paint Available

1.  Paint Couture!™ is a low VOC, self-priming acrylic paint available in 50 colors (and counting)

Blue Heron Studio and Paint Couture!
Blue Heron Studio and Paint Couture!

Photo by Blue Heron Studio

2.  Paint Couture!™ has great adhesion capabilities over existing painted or varnished surfaces (which means usually no sanding or priming is necessary) and paints on smooth and flat with little or no brushmarks.

3.  A quart of Paint Couture!™ is $29.50 (wow) and it is available in gallons!

4.  Using Glaze Couture!™ over the paint colors gives you the opportunity to increase the color possibilities to around 450 (and counting!) and creates either an antiqued or metallic finish – you get a beautiful protected finish with no waxing!!

The Whistling Elk
Paint Couture!™
  1. Paint and Glaze Couture are both available in half pints (giving you the opportunity to sample without spending a lot of money)
  1. Paint Couture Accessory products like the metallics – Pale Gold, Rich Gold, Silver Star, Antique Silver and Brilliant White, Micki’s Magic and Little Black Dress offer even      more possibilities for creativity!
The Whistling Elk
Paint Couture Brilliant White Paint
  1. Paint Couture Gilding Waxes give you the opportunity to accent your finishes! Really? Oh yes with 10 colors!  – Black Velvet, Pink Cashmere, Gold Lame, Gunmetal Tulle, White Silk, Blue Organza, Green Moire, Copper Charm, Silver Taffeta and Bronze Brocade (oh my!)

    The Whistling Elk
    Paint Couture Gilding Waxes
  1. Lacquer Couture!™ is a clear and very durable topcoat which enables you to protect surfaces…with little or no odor – available in 4 sheens! It dries fast too!
  1. All Paint, Glaze and Lacquer Couture products clean up easily with soap and water.
  1. Ingenuity…Foresight…Imagination…the company is constantly coming out with new products, colors, limited editions, custom capability and much more!
The Whistling Elk
Fashion Paint Colors!

…what’s not to love?

The Whistling Elk offers Paint Workshops – learn how to use these fabulous products to create beautiful painted furniture and accessories!

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