Paint Couture!™ French Putty with Pizaaaz!

Here’s my latest set of paint sticks showcasing Paint Couture!™  French Putty.

I painted these sticks using the same approach as with the “Peace” samples….one section is just the paint, the next section is the paint with Lacquer Couture!™ Matte on top, the 3rd section is Paint with Lacquer Matte then with a glaze on top and the last section (end of stick) is just paint with Glaze Couture!™ over top

….phew…that was a lot of wordsbut you get it – just a bunch of really beautiful finishes!!!

The Whistling Elk Paint Workshops
Paint Couture!™ French Putty with 10 different glazes/metallics

The 10 “overcoats” I chose to use over the French Putty were: Glaze Couture!™  Lite Brown Sugar, Pale Gold (Metallic Paint),  Verde, Champagne, Black Walnut, Brilliant White, Amber Honey, Micki’s Magic (Accessory Paint) Copperhead and Red Mahogany!

(This is the order in which they are shown in the picture above.)

The reason I applied the Lacquer Couture!™  was not only to show you how it looks over the paint but in addition to show how it changes the way a glaze looks…specifically the glaze does not grab as much over the Lacquer Couture!™ as it does over just the paint.  So bottom line you have more control when you glaze if you apply the Lacquer Matte first.  Savvy?

I cannot wait to get the GILDING WAXES which will be here in the next week or so…then I will have to embellish yet again my lovely little paint sticks!  How much fun is this….

Here’s a picture I took from  the Paint Couture!™ website…and by the way like them on facebook!

The Whistling Elk
Paint Couture!™ Gilding Wax

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