Confessions of a Gilded Dresser

Confessions of a Gilded Dresser

Inspiration is a wonderful thing…Good design is always based on inspiration…    Sometimes you are on a design path and you take a right or left turn…in that case I know that something along the way changed my inspiration…

Painting is like design in that you start with an inspiration and then work in that direction…adjusting as the piece you are working on speaks to you…

The trio of pictures following was my inspiration for a dresser that I am just finishing up painting with products from the PaintCouture – The Collection™.


Ok, here is the dresser….BEFORE…it was a nice old dresser painted blue and the drawers were whitewashed.  It was dirty from sitting around so I cleaned it with TSP really well.

painted furniture
Paint Couture™ is sold at the Whistling Elk in Chester NJ

Before I started painting the dresser I painted up a sample using the paints and glazes that I decided were going to achieve the look I wanted based on my inspiration…I chose the below Paint Couture™ products: Vintage Moss, Brilliant White, Lite Brown Sugar Glaze, and Pale Gold Metallic Paint and here is how they looked on the sample I painted.

The Whistling Elk , Chester NJ
painted frame using Paint Couture products based on my inspiration

So loving the way this frame turned out!  I love finishes that have depth and look “vintage” – with a little of the dirt of age on them…ha!   I couldn’t wait to start work on the dresser.  It’s funny but this is one case where I never deviated from my inspiration…it was soooo clear where it was going!

First I painted everything with the Vintage Moss.  After 24 hours I dry brushed the piece with Brilliant White.  I then used the Paint Couture Embossing Medium and stenciled on some designs.  This always takes some time because you have to plan your stencil layout.  I used parts of two different stencils.  After drying the PC Embossing Medium I laid my stencil back over it and applied PALE GOLD – Paint Couture’s beautiful metallic paint! (one of their many metallics)

The Whistling Elk painted furniture
Paint Couture Embossing Medium is Amazing.
The Whistling Elk, Chester, NJ
Dresser embossed and embellished with PALE GOLD Metallic. Paint Couture has great metallics!

The combination of the BRILLIANT WHITE and the PALE GOLD gives this dresser a metallic gleam…it sparkles!

Next I glazed everything with Paint Couture’s Lite Brown Sugar.  It’s such a pleasure to work with – very creamy.  I happen to be a light glazer…I would rather put it on and take it off and then glaze it again.  I feel very much in control when I work this way.  You can always go darker!

Paint Workshops at the Whistling Elk
Paint Couture Lite Brown Sugar Glaze over Vintage Moss, Brilliant White and Pale Gold

You can see the French Polynesian Pink PC peaking out on the sides of the drawers…I love the pink with the Vintage Moss…I decided not to the glaze the pink – it is less subtle and I love the contrast it creates of the Bright against the Aged!

The Whistling Elk painted furniture
French Polynesian Pinks Drawers…I painted the outsides of the drawers because I thought this would show more than the insides…

After thoroughly letting my piece dry I applied a 2nd coat of Lite Brown Sugar Glaze.  This really deepened the finish on the dresser.  It’s very rich!

The Whistling Elk, Chester NJ
After the 2nd coat of Paint Couture Lite Brown Sugar
embosseddesign dresser top
Pale Gold Embellished Embossing
painted furniture
Embossed Stenciling embellished with Pale Gold Metallic Paint

The Brilliant White reminds me of fairy dust and the Embossing Medium painted with Pale Gold makes this very ordinary dresser a piece of art.

Paint Couture
Painted Dresser with the Hardware back on
Paint Couture at The Whistling Elk
Hardware reapplied over the embossed design

Because I am impatient…I didn’t want to wait for new hardware. I didn’t really love the hardware that was on the piece originally but I decided to play with it to see it I could get to like it.  So I planned my embossed stencil to enhance the hardware.  I painted the hardware with Brilliant White, then Pale Gold, then glazed it and applied little crystals.  I then hung it upside down to change the look of the design.  I love it!  It’s so not typical!

paint workshops at The Whistling Elk, Chester NJ
Paint Couture will enable you to create a masterpiece.
paint workshops
At The Whistling Elk we will teach you to paint your own masterpiece.

When I have paint on my brush I often look around for something else to paint since I have a paint can open and a dirty brush.  The PALE GOLD was open and I had a little pedestal.  It almost became my problem child.  I knew the pedestal had wax on it so I had cleaned it earlier with mineral spirits and then TSP’d it.   Woe is me.  It wasn’t enough!

After I painted it with the Pale Gold it just didn’t feel right – I knew it was going to peel.  So I sanded it down and of course there was still wax on it…sigh…curse…

I had some Mylands Sanding Sealer so on Mike’s advice (The Father of Paint Couture) I brushed on the Mylands.  WOW.  It.Worked.Great.  I put it on over the remnants of the Pale Gold and after it dried you could just feel that the paint was going to be o.k.

I actually liked the way the pedestal looked all chippy and messy and now that it felt right too…it almost had me making one of those left design turns…humph…should I leave it that way????  But in my heart I knew that the really messed up look would not appeal to most customers.  Here it is in all its chippy glory…

Painted Furniture
My Problem Child – This pedestal almost made me make a left design turn

I ended up having to clean that brush and put away the paint while the Mylands dried and I considered what to do.  This must be my week for not deviating from plan…I ended up brushing on more Pale Gold, Embossed a stencil on top, Brilliant White went on the stencil only….then finished with BLACK WALNUT GLAZE all over…(my favorite Paint Couture™ glaze).  Pale Gold with Black Walnut gives a very beautiful, deep and rich metallic finish.

Chester NJ
Painted Pedestal – Paint Couture Pale Gold Metallic

I made the right decision.  Its very beautiful and elegant and all it needs is a glass of wine sitting on it next to a comfy chair.

Come learn to create your own masterpieces at one of our Paint Workshops at The Whistling Elk.  You will learn all the techniques described in this post and you will have fun!

What Has Happened to My Humility?

What Has Happened to My Humility?

Heres a nice frame with a shabby worn finish…it’s O.K.

But that is just it – for me its just o.k.  

Chester NJ
Frame before Paint Couture Black Walnut Glaze and Pale Gold Accent

I know I can change it and make it better than just o.k.

What has happened to my humility????

Paint Workshops Chester NJ
Pale Gold / Black Walnut Glaze –
Paint Couture!™ products used on this frame

I really love this about the Paint Couture Collection.  Not only can you paint something that needs to be refinished but you can also transform ordinary objects into something more lovely,  something that works better in your current décor environment.

Paint Couture!™ is like having a Toolbox Stuffed with Tools to Create Lovely!

I have always advised my clients:  “If you run into the right object but its the wrong color and you can paint it….buy it – you could spend 10 years looking for the right object in the right color and never find it.”

Come and participate in one of our Paint Workshops at The Whistling Elk in Chester NJ and learn how to Paint, Glaze, finish, stencil, gild and more.  It’s fun and I guarantee you will put the knowledge to good use!

Finger Painting With Gilding Wax…it’s bringing back memories!

Finger Painting With Gilding Wax…it’s bringing back memories!

I always had so much fun Finger Painting when I was a kid and now I get to do it again…

with The Couture Collection – they have a great selection of Gilding Waxes which I love to use to accent a painted finish – any painted finish…even one I didn’t paint!  (heehee)

This cute frame was pretty before I started but now I like it even better.  It had an all over copper look and now it has touches of green moire and the gold lame that I finger-painted on which gave the original finish a lot more depth.

The Whistling Elk, Chester NJ
Gilding Wax adds depth to a finish

That is the beauty of the Paint Couture line…you can paint something one color, OR paint and glaze, OR paint, glaze and gild for a finish that has deep, layered and elegant dimension!

We will be happy to teach you all of these techniques at our Paint Workshops!

Call for the date of the next scheduled Class and make a reservation to attend.  You will have so much fun!  I guarantee you will leave class contemplating all the objects around the house that you will be painting or glazing or gilding or maybe all three!

The Whistling Elk, Chester NJ
Paint Couture Gilding Wax

To enhance a painted finish you simply apply the gilding wax with your finger or with a small artist brush! and voila the perfect way to accent your finished paint project!  If you decide to finger paint – a little coconut oil will clean up your talented fingers.


Decorating the Street

Decorating the Street

It’s so good to be able to showcase merchandise on Main Street Chester NJ again!

Home decor and furnishings
The Whistliing Elk Chester NJ

Not to mention to be able to stand outside and smile in the sunshine!!!!

It’s a perfect shopping day!

I’m Diggin Van Dyke Brown

I used the Van Dyke Brown Glaze today over Imagine and I’m diggin it!

Paint Workshops at The Whistling Elk in Chester NJ
Paint Couture!™

While I was painting the pedestal the other day with IMAGINE  I painted up some paint sample sticks too.

Chester NJ
Paint Couture!™ Paint and Glaze on sample sticks

Today I glazed/painted them 10 different ways – I used a new philosophy when glazing these sticks…all the other ones I have done were glazed/removed pretty evenly.  This time I decided show different degrees of removing the glaze…all my paint students have different ideas of how much/little glaze they would remove…so these samples look uneven but I did it with purpose to show variety!

Paint Workshops
Paint Couture!™ paints and glazes in Chester NJ

I also used 3 of the gilding waxes on some of my Paint Couture!™ samples.

So all the samples were painted with 2 coats of Imagine and part of the stick was finished with Matte Lacquer Couture!™.  (The glaze does not bite in as much over the lacquer and gives you more flexibility to work with the glaze.)

So from the left here is how I finished each stick:

In the first group photo above

1. brilliant white & rich gold metallic paint/Blue Organza Gilding Wax

2. Brilliant White Paint/Green Moire and Silver Taffeta Gilding Wax

3. Verde Glaze

4. Black Chiffon Glaze

5. Zinc Glaze

and in the 2nd group photo:

6. Black Walnut Glaze

7. Champagne Glaze

8. Amber Honey Glaze

9. Lite Brown Sugar Glaze

10. Van Dyke Brown Glaze

So after making all the samples I decided to glaze the pedestal with the Black Chiffon.  The pedestal was an older piece and had a lot of marks and texture (which I kept because I liked the character) and I love the way the black chiffon kinda highlighted the “age” of the piece….so here is the finished pedestal with Imagine, Brilliant White, Rich Gold and Black Chiffon Glaze Couture!™.  (Also in the photo collage is a before the glaze photo).

The Whistling Elk
Paint Workshops at The Whistling Elk in Chester NJ

Still having fun!  Call and join one of our Paint Workshops!

My Pedestal Has A New Friend

Now I have two beautiful pedestal tables!

I don’t know who I love more…here’s the new one…

Paint Couture products
Pedestal Table at The Whistling Elk in Chester NJ

Call me crazy but I have never been a fan of painting with a 14k gold-type color…I always gravitate toward the deeper, more brassy golds….

I deviated…oh-oh.

I painted with Paint Couture!™ Rich Gold Metallic.  Yup put it over Imagine and then hit it with some dry brush Brilliant White.


I am going to glaze this pedestal…but right now I am enjoying what is going on with it as is!

I dunno though I still love this one…

The Whistling Elk Paint Workshops
Paint Couture!™

Easy Make Over

This adorable little pedestal/table got a make-over

this week at The Whistling Elk.

Paint Workshops at The Whistling Elk in Chester NJ
Paint Couture!™ Painted Table at The Whistling Elk

In our Paint Workshops you will learn how easy it is to create beauty where there was none (or little) before!  Not kidding here!

This little pedestal table was painted white and in a very chipped condition…it was cute…I mean looking at it I knew that it had POSSIBILITIES…and that is the key! 

So with really very little effort on my part and my Paint Couture!™ products it’s lovely!  It looks rich and expensive!  (I want to take it home ;))

You don’t have to be a Do-It-Yourselfer to use this paint or to create a great piece.

Come to one of our Paint Workshops and see for yourself how easy it is!

Call and register for one of our next scheduled workshops:

Thursday, April 10th – 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Sunday, April 19th – 9 am – 12 pm

You will learn to paint, glaze, gild, stencil and emboss…also to distress so that you can create masterpieces with an aged European style finish!

Chester NJ
Learn to paint furniture at The Whistling Elk Workshops

At The Whistling Elk you will find everything to make your house a home.  From furniture to home accents to personal items…everything with design and quality in mind.

Talk About Tight Spaces…

I had a fabulous day today…I really love what I do and
now I can even say I am a bit of a contortionist!

My client had an armoire that was a nonedescript green and she wanted to jazz it up but she did not want to (couldn’t) move it.  So I gilded and glazed it in place…talk about  getting into tough positions in tight spaces…hahaha…I am smiling just thinking about those back legs…  Glad no one was there with a video camera…

Here’s the before picture…although as usual I started gilding before I took it!

Chester NJ Painted Furniture
Armoire Before Glazing with Glaze Couture!™ Amber Honey

and here is the finished product!

Amber Honey Glaze Couture!™ was perfect for the job.

The Paint Couture! Collection™
The Whistling Elk paints furniture

The armoire is really pretty…

Paint Your Own Masterpiece!

Several new mirrors have arrived at The Whistling Elk – The mirror pictured is one of my favorites and I set it up behind a little cabinet I was planning on painting. Sitting at my desk I can look out and appreciate the mirror – the chandelier reflected in it and now the little cabinet that I just finished painting.  Love this little vignette!

The Whistling Elk
Paint Couture Paint and Glaze at The Whistling Elk

The cabinet started out just a mousy brown and it is actually a new piece (not old) – I bought the piece with the specific intention to paint it.  I painted  a faded blue on the inside glazed it with champagne and stenciled some small  Fleur de Lis  randomly on the back panel.  (sorry didn’t photograph that)

I embossed the stencil so it stands out nicely and the zinc and brilliant white that I used on the piece make the stencil design shimmer.

Silver Star is dabbed on the hinges and on the teardrop door handles.  I took almost all the glaze off the top as I wanted it to look slightly different than the body of the piece.

It’s a lovely little French cabinet now!

French Cabinet stenciled and glazed
The Whistling Elk Paint Workshops – Learn to transform your furniture!

Our next paint workshop will be March 20th…that is also the first day of Spring!

I can hardly wait.  Sign up now and learn how to paint your own Masterpiece.

La Vie est Belle!

La Vie est Belle!

New merchandise arrivals always make me happy!  La Vie est Belle!  At The Whistling Elk it seems that all the new shipments include a lot of bling.  I confess I am always into beautiful, sparkly bling! Just a little bit in a room adds a little something…We just received a lot of pretty crystal…there are candlesticks, vases, pitchers, salt & pepper shakers and salt cellars with little tiny (very cute) spoons! Even the new artwork has bling! There are tiny crystals embedded in the prints which add just the right element of ooh la la!

The Whistling Elk, Chester NJ
Crystal Cream & Sugar and Salt Cellars


There are four of these chic lamp prints all with embedded crystals.  Love the carved gold frames…and the bath print below is the most gorgeous shade of green…there are three prints in this collection.


paint workshops
Great Gifts at The Whistling Elk in Chester NJ

The “red” vase I just finished painting this morning even expresses some bling.  It has a certain richness – it was a nondescript cement color before I gave it a coat of red paint and followed up with some gold stenciling and a bit of Black Walnut Glaze Couture!™.  Now it is quite elegant! Ahh, La Vie est belle at The Whistling Elk!!!

Well, It’s Snowing Yet Again…So I am Painting…Yet Again!

French Polynesian Pink

Paint Couture at The Whistling Elk in Chester NJ
Paint Couture!™ French Polynesian Pink with Various Glazes

This beautiful,  vibrant color was the perfect choice to be painting on Valentine’s Day…its  just perfect!

For these Paint Stick Samples I used Glaze Couture!™ Verde, Black Walnut, Lite Brown Sugar, Champagne, Zinc, Copperhead and Red Mahogany.  I glazed 2 sticks with  Brilliant White Paint and then put Red  Mahogany glaze over the Brilliant White on one of them to show a layered glaze effect.

The last paint stick I coated with Micki’s Magic (an accessory paint).  I love the Micki’s Magic over the French Polynesian Pink – it adds so much dimension and variation – like a shimmering rainbow of color!

I think that a very sheer coat of Brilliant White under any of the glazes would create a beautiful specialty finish.


Glaze Couture at The Whistling Elk
Paint Couture!™ Angelic with various glazes

For these Paint Stick Samples I used Glaze Couture!™ Lite Brown Sugar, Red Mahogany, Verde, Black Walnut and Copperhead.  On these paint sticks I glazed and wiped off. I used the Champagne Glaze but with this one I glazed the piece twice and as is often the case with Champagne I did not wipe it off.  I also painted two coats of Micki’s Magic on the paint stick sample.

Paint Workshops at the Whistling Elk Chester NJ
Paint Couture Brilliant White and Zinc combinations

I did one paint stick with zinc glaze and 2 sticks with Brilliant White.  On one of these Brilliant White paint sticks I applied Zinc over it.  You probably cant really see it in the photo but this sample with the triple treatment is my favorite – it’s very rich and has a lot of depth to it. (its the one in the middle)

Paint Couture is such a great product for all those paint projects you have around your home!  And, its a lot of fun on these snowy winter days when you are stuck inside!

Don’t forget we offer great workshops at The Whistling Elk and will teach you how to create a beautiful piece of furniture using Paint Couture!™ products.

It’s “Sweetheart” Central at The Whistling Elk

It’s “Sweetheart” Central at The Whistling Elk

Need a  special gift for your Valentine Sweetheart?  Of course you do!

We have lots of ideas…

The Whistling Elk
Lampe Berger, LoLLia, Shelley Kyle, Paint Couture!™ and of course La Vie Parisienne Jewelry..for your Valentine

We have a great selection of new Lampe Berger lampes, a full stock of Shelley Kyle and LoLLia…and for you do-it-yourselfers…Paint Couture!™ products plus the new Gilding Waxes will be arriving soon!

Just checking in lots of new arrivals from La Vie Parisienne – necklaces, earrings and bracelets!  LOVE!

La Vie Parisienne at The Whistling Elk in Chester
La Vie Parisienne at The Whistling Elk in Chester

It’s “Sweetheart” Central at The Whistling Elk

It’s “Sweetheart” Central at The Whistling Elk

Need a  special gift for your Valentine Sweetheart?  Of course you do!

We have lots of ideas…

The Whistling Elk
Lampe Berger, LoLLia, Shelley Kyle, Paint Couture!™ and of course La Vie Parisienne Jewelry..for your Valentine

We have a great selection of new Lampe Berger lampes, a full stock of Shelley Kyle and LoLLia…and for you do-it-yourselfers…Paint Couture!™ products plus the new Gilding Waxes will be arriving soon!

Just checking in lots of new arrivals from La Vie Parisienne – necklaces, earrings and bracelets!  LOVE!

La Vie Parisienne at The Whistling Elk in Chester
La Vie Parisienne at The Whistling Elk in Chester

It Pays To Be Prepared on a Snow Day

It Pays To Be Prepared on a Snow Day

and I did get snow/iced in yesterday!  Sigh…but I was prepared!  I painted almost all day – a little snow wasn’t going to keep me down!

Chester NJ
Snow/Ice Storm…

So previously I had painted two coats of Paint Couture on my signs…then I stenciled a background design on some of them and distressed it so it was faint.  I used Paint Couture’s Embossing medium over top and stenciled on different Paris configurations.

Chester NJ
Paris signs at The Whistling Elk before glazing

Later after blowdrying the Embossing Medium with my hairdryer I used Glaze Couture!™ or Brilliant White to glaze over the entire sign.  I am not finished with these yet though…I may apply a second glaze to some of them (like verde over the blue sign) and I know I am going to use the Paint Couture Gilding Wax to enhance them…when I do I will post the finished product!


This is Good Painting Weather!

This morning when I left my street looked verrry pretty…but it made me have to stay home yesterday….grrr…

My commute

…and tomorrow it looks like more of the same is coming.  Tonight I am taking my Paint Couture home with me.

Today I experimented with some sign making…using my Paint Couture!™ Embossing Medium – I think I will bring the rest home with me tonight just in case Mother Nature decides to strand me again!

The Whistling Elk Paint Workshops
Embossing Medium from Paint Couture!™

In early January I had some sign blanks made up just for this kind of occasion!  Previously I painted some of them with Peace – today I embossed a stencil and coated the whole thing with Brilliant White.


Madagascar Mocha Pairs Up Nicely with Glaze Couture!™

Madagascar Mocha Pairs Up Nicely with Glaze Couture!™

Here are my Paint Sticks showcasing Paint Couture!™  Madagascar Mocha with various Glaze Couture!™ finishes on top!

The Whistling Elk Chester NJ
Paint Couture!™ Madagascar Mocha with various Glaze Couture!™ finishes

The glazes used (left to right):  Little Black Dress (Metallic) with the left edge glazed again with Micki’s Magic, Baltic Black over Madagascar with Black Walnut Glaze, Black Walnut Glaze, Micki’s Magic (Accessory Paint),  Lite Brown Sugar, Red Mahogany, Verde Glaze, Copperhead Glaze, Champagne Glaze, Zinc, Brilliant White (Metallic Paint).

I used the same design for these sticks as my other posts…that is the end of the stick is the Mocha with just glaze over it, then the next area is mocha-lacquer matte-glaze, the next area is just mocha-lacquer matte and the top of the stick is the mocha alone.

The Whistling Elk and Paint Couture
Little Black Dress – Black Walnut over Baltic Black/Madagascar Mocha – Black Walnut Glaze over Mocha

I prepared an extra paint stick this time showing Madagascar Mocha with Baltic Black…wet and dry distressed on top – then the Lacquer Couture Matte and Black Walnut Glaze…I like this combo a lot! I like the aged woody warmth the Black Walnut gives to the sample (its the middle stick above).

On the topmost stick above with the Little Black Dress (metallic black paint) over the Madagascar Mocha I coated the outside edge with Micki’s Magic just to see what it would do over the Madagascar Mocha/Little Black Dress.  This was just an experiment that shows how many different directions you can go with this paint by layering glazes.

Below is shown a grouping I am calling my “red/brown tone” collection of glazes over Madagascar Mocha….left to right Micki’s Magic – Red Mahogany – Lite Brown Sugar – Copperhead.  They almost give the appearance of wood stains.

The Whistling Elk and Paint Couture Chester NJ
Paint Couture Madagascar Mocha with various glazes

These paint sticks are really invaluable when you are looking at a color and wondering what it could look like or when you are trying to relate a paint color to something else that is going to live near it…  Sometimes it is even surprising when a glaze color that you don’t  think will look good does…these sticks are such a invaluable visual tool!

The Whistling Elk Furniture Painting Workshops
Paint Couture Madagascar Mocha with Glazes

This last grouping shows Verde, Champagne, Brilliant White (metallic paint) and Zinc.  Although the metallic don’t always translate well in the photos the Champagne and Brilliant White are beautiful over the Mocha.

But that is not surprising because I have loved everything I have put the Champagne or Brilliant White over…

At The Whistling Elk we offer Paint Workshops…learn how to use this amazing paint to paint your furniture and accessories and create works of art!

Paint Couture!™ French Putty with Pizaaaz!

Paint Couture!™ French Putty with Pizaaaz!

Here’s my latest set of paint sticks showcasing Paint Couture!™  French Putty.

I painted these sticks using the same approach as with the “Peace” samples….one section is just the paint, the next section is the paint with Lacquer Couture!™ Matte on top, the 3rd section is Paint with Lacquer Matte then with a glaze on top and the last section (end of stick) is just paint with Glaze Couture!™ over top

….phew…that was a lot of wordsbut you get it – just a bunch of really beautiful finishes!!!

The Whistling Elk Paint Workshops
Paint Couture!™ French Putty with 10 different glazes/metallics

The 10 “overcoats” I chose to use over the French Putty were: Glaze Couture!™  Lite Brown Sugar, Pale Gold (Metallic Paint),  Verde, Champagne, Black Walnut, Brilliant White, Amber Honey, Micki’s Magic (Accessory Paint) Copperhead and Red Mahogany!

(This is the order in which they are shown in the picture above.)

The reason I applied the Lacquer Couture!™  was not only to show you how it looks over the paint but in addition to show how it changes the way a glaze looks…specifically the glaze does not grab as much over the Lacquer Couture!™ as it does over just the paint.  So bottom line you have more control when you glaze if you apply the Lacquer Matte first.  Savvy?

I cannot wait to get the GILDING WAXES which will be here in the next week or so…then I will have to embellish yet again my lovely little paint sticks!  How much fun is this….

Here’s a picture I took from  the Paint Couture!™ website…and by the way like them on facebook!

The Whistling Elk
Paint Couture!™ Gilding Wax

Top 10 Reasons Why Paint Couture!™ is the Best Furniture/Cabinet Paint Available!

Top 10 Reasons Why Paint Couture!™ is the Best Furniture/Cabinet Paint Available!

Ok, I admit right upfront that I am prejudiced because as a painter this is my paint of choice but for all the reasons I list…you just gotta love this Paint!  Here’s why:

Top 10 reasons why Paint Couture!™ is the best Furniture/Cabinet Paint Available

1.  Paint Couture!™ is a low VOC, self-priming acrylic paint available in 50 colors (and counting)

Blue Heron Studio and Paint Couture!
Blue Heron Studio and Paint Couture!

Photo by Blue Heron Studio

2.  Paint Couture!™ has great adhesion capabilities over existing painted or varnished surfaces (which means usually no sanding or priming is necessary) and paints on smooth and flat with little or no brushmarks.

3.  A quart of Paint Couture!™ is $29.50 (wow) and it is available in gallons!

4.  Using Glaze Couture!™ over the paint colors gives you the opportunity to increase the color possibilities to around 450 (and counting!) and creates either an antiqued or metallic finish – you get a beautiful protected finish with no waxing!!

The Whistling Elk
Paint Couture!™
  1. Paint and Glaze Couture are both available in half pints (giving you the opportunity to sample without spending a lot of money)
  1. Paint Couture Accessory products like the metallics – Pale Gold, Rich Gold, Silver Star, Antique Silver and Brilliant White, Micki’s Magic and Little Black Dress offer even      more possibilities for creativity!
The Whistling Elk
Paint Couture Brilliant White Paint
  1. Paint Couture Gilding Waxes give you the opportunity to accent your finishes! Really? Oh yes with 10 colors!  – Black Velvet, Pink Cashmere, Gold Lame, Gunmetal Tulle, White Silk, Blue Organza, Green Moire, Copper Charm, Silver Taffeta and Bronze Brocade (oh my!)

    The Whistling Elk
    Paint Couture Gilding Waxes
  1. Lacquer Couture!™ is a clear and very durable topcoat which enables you to protect surfaces…with little or no odor – available in 4 sheens! It dries fast too!
  1. All Paint, Glaze and Lacquer Couture products clean up easily with soap and water.
  1. Ingenuity…Foresight…Imagination…the company is constantly coming out with new products, colors, limited editions, custom capability and much more!
The Whistling Elk
Fashion Paint Colors!

…what’s not to love?

The Whistling Elk offers Paint Workshops – learn how to use these fabulous products to create beautiful painted furniture and accessories!

10 Ways to Make Peace!

10 Ways to Make Peace!

First it snowed, now its really cold…grrr…but it is perfect weather to stay indoors and PAINT!

I used my snow/cold downtime to paint up some samples…with Paint Couture!™ thereby creating 10 Ways to Make Peace!

The Whistling Elk Paint Workshops
Paint Couture!™ Peace with 7 glazes and 3 paints on top!

step one…paint two coats of peace on paint sticks (24 hours between all coats)

step two…taped off and painted a section with Paint Couture Lacquer Matte.

step three…chose 7 Glaze Couture colors:  Lite Brown Sugar, Champagne, Red Mahogany, Black Walnut, Copperhead, Zinc, Verde – and three accessory metallic paints:  silver star, micki’s magic and brilliant white

step four…applied the glazes over a portion of the lacquered stick and a portion of the “Peace” only section

VOILA Beautiful Paint Sticks showing Peace (alone) – Peace with Lacquer Matte – Peace with a Glaze over the Lacquer Matte and Peace with a Glaze

This way you get to see how the glaze looks over lacquer (not to mention how nicely it slides on) and how it looks over the un-lacquered paint!

I love these!

Aidan Gray at The Whistling Elk

The Whistling Elk
Aidan Gray Home Furnishings

We are adding Aidan Gray Home Furnishings to our mix at The Whistling Elk…look for new shipments in the coming months!!!

We are very excited to share this beautiful line with You!

We’ve got lots of great surprises in store this season…having just returned from the Atlanta Market – shipments will start rolling in soon!